Baby with Difrax S-babybottle

The baby bottles from Difrax

At Difrax, we developed the anti-colic S-bottle: the ideal baby bottle for preventing stomach cramps. The soft-coated, nipple-shaped bottle teat has a high acceptance rate, and the anti-colic S-bottle very suitable for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The Difrax anti-colic S-bottle is the best-selling baby bottle in the Netherlands.

✔ Anti-colic: 100% milk, 0% air

✔ Also available with durable glass bottles

✔ Suitable for any feeding position

Why a bottle for your baby?

Bottles are essential in the first year of your baby's life. They can be used to feed your baby with expressed breast milk or formula milk. The good thing about a bottle is that both you and your partner can feed your baby, so you can both enjoy those intimate feeding moments.

Why a Difrax baby bottle

✔ Anti-colic: 100% milk, 0% air

✔ Preservation of nutrients and vitamins

✔ Soft-coated bottle teat for extra grip

✔ Suitable for any feeding position

✔ Most hygienic baby bottle, without unhygienic straw

✔ Ergonomic S-shape

✔ Also available with durable glass bottles

Baby with Difrax S-babybottle

Award-winning baby bottle

At Difrax, our mission is to make the lives of parents and children easier and more comfortable by developing innovative baby products. Through continuous innovation, we create the most helpful, convenient and trendy baby products on the market. We’re all about offering you a little help—that’s our goal! Our S-bottle has been awarded several international prizes for innovation and design.

Awards S-bottle

Recommended by moms and professionals

More than 80% of maternity care professionals recommend the Difrax S bottle to maternity families. These professionals and parents give the Difrax S bottle an 8. * The reasons: the S bottle has a good Anti-Colic system, is easy to combine with breastfeeding and fits the sucking needs of a newborn baby. In addition, the S-bottle is seen as the most hygienic bottle because the bottle can be completely disassembled and contains no small, narrow parts that are difficult to clean.

80% of professionals recommend the Difrax S bottle *

78% of the Difrax S-bottle users experience less colic in their child *

46% of Dutch parents uses a Difrax S bottle *

Why Difrax?

✔ Difrax has been designing and manufacturing baby products for babies and their parents for over 50 years

✔ All our baby bottles were developed in collaboration with medical specialists

✔ Our products offer you A little help, so that you can continue to enjoy your little miracle

About Difrax

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No-one knows what they’re doing when the baby arrives. There is no secret recipe, no handbook (even though there are thousands) and no magic formula. Just like every baby is unique, so will be your approach to parenting be. You’ll figure it out and we’ll be here every step of the way. To offer a little help. Because when it comes to parenthood a little goes a long way.

* The mentioned figures are based on consumer research by WIJ Special Media among 1886 participants and an online survey, published by Difrax BV on and

More than 160 maternity nurses and 100 midwives participated.