Glass S-bottle Anti-Colic 250 ml Natural

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The glass Anti-Colic S bottles are made of very strong and durable borosilicate glass. This glass is lighter than normal glass, safe and durable. The sturdy glass prevents damage or scratches in which bacteria can nest. This gives the glass S-bottle an extra-long lifespan. The sturdy glass is impact-resistant but not unbreakable.

The glass S-bottle 250ml has a patented anti-colic system in the bottom for prevention of intestinal cramps, burps and spitting. The glass S-bottle is suitable for a maximum of 250 ml breastfeeding or bottle feeding and is supplied with a small silicone teat. The special coating on the Difrax teat provides extra grip. The bottle teat has a soft round nipple-shaped teat that resembles the mother's breast. This makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding.

We understand that having a baby brings many challenges. That is why our S-bottle offers you all the help you need to enjoy quiet feeding moments. Our baby bottle can be used from birth and is the best bottle in combination with breastfeeding. Thanks to the ventil, together with the unique S-shape, air is mixed with food so that nutritional values and vitamins C, A and E stay optimal preserved. The constant supply of air from the bottom of the S-bottle prevents vacuum so that your baby can drink without any problems. 

When feeding with the S-bottle you are automatically in the correct, natural position. Even when the bottle is almost empty, the teat is still completely filled with milk so the food can be given in the same position. This makes every feeding moment from beginning to end a relaxing moment for you and your child. 

Please note: even though the glass S-bottle is made of extra strong glass, it is fragile.

The S-bottle comes in two types: Natural and Wide.

The Natural S-bottle
Your baby will quickly accept the Natural S-bottle thanks to the small bottle teat, making it the most popular baby bottle. The slim design ensures that the Natural S-bottle is easy to hold.

The Wide S-bottle
The Wide S-bottle has a bigger bottle teat. This is especially suitable for babies who prefer a wide latch, as they open their mouth a bit more. The Wide S-bottle is available in two sizes: 200 ml and 310 ml. The Wide S-bottle 310 ml has the largest capacity and is therefore the ideal follow-up bottle.

The Natural S-bottle comes in 170 ml and 250 ml, the Wide S-bottle comes in 200 ml and 310 ml. 

The smallest sizes (170 ml and 200 ml) are mostly used in early on, just after birth. After a while, your baby will start to drink more. That’s when you can switch to the Natural 250 ml or the Wide 310 ml S-bottle. 

The Wide 310 ml bottle is also available as a porridge bottle. The follow-up bottles of the same type differ only in capacity

Difrax bottle teats come in different sizes. The size is related to the size of the opening of the teat. The correct size depends on your baby’s suction power and the type of food you use. Thicker food and greater suction power require a larger teat size. Your baby should be able to finish a bottle of food in about 15-20 minutes. If this is the case, you’re probably using the correct size.

  • 1-2-3 XS teat: Difrax has developed a 1-2-3 XS teat especially for babies for whom size Small is still to fast, and for premature babies. What makes this teat so special is that it is a three-speed teat with three different 'slow flow' speeds. This means that there are three different slow flow speeds, called XXS, XS and Small.
  • Size S: can be used immediately from birth (0 months). Suitable for thin food, like breast milk or formula milk. Difrax baby bottles come with a standard size S Difrax bottle teat. Available in a Dental, Natural and Wide versions.
    • If the size S Natural or Wide bottle teat empties too quickly for your baby, you can try the Dental bottle teat. This has been specially designed for babies who choke quickly or babies with reflux.
  • Size M: can be used from about 3 months. Suitable for thin and thickened food, like milk thickened with carob bean gum, flour or rice porridge. Available in a Natural and Wide versions.
  • Size L: can be used from about 6 months. Suitable for thin and thickened food, like milk thickened with carob bean gum, flour or rice porridge. Available in a Natural and Wide versions.
  • Size XL Porridge teat: for coarse cereal porridge, can be used from about 9 months. Only available in a Wide version.
  • 1-2-3 teat: can be used from about 3 months. Suitable for thin and thicker food. Position 1 is for thin food, and the size of the opening is between size S and M. Position 2 is for (slightly) thickened food, and the size of the opening is between size M and L. Position 3 is for thickened and thick food, and the size of the opening is between size L and XL. The position can be adjusted for each feeding. The 1-2-3 teat can only be used in combination with the 1-2-3 ring. Available in Natural and Wide versions.
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