Child with Difrax cup

The cups and bottles of Difrax

At a certain point, your child will want to do everything on its own. Learning how to drink independently is one of these things. Because your child isn’t used to this yet, it’s bound to get a bit messy. But you’ll see that your baby quickly gets the hang of it. And wait until you see the triumphant look on your baby’s face when it manages to drink on its own—it’s priceless!

✔ The Difrax non-spill cups with soft spout are the ideal transition from baby bottle to drinking cup.

✔ Difrax has handy tools, such as the handle bottle and loose handles.

When can my baby learn to drink independently?

Most babies will soon want to hold their bottle while they’re drinking, even from a very young age. This might look as if your baby wants to drink on its own. However, it’s not yet physically capable until about six months, when it can sit up straight. From about 12 months, your child can start to learn how to drink from an open cup. This will take some getting used to as it is completely different to drinking from a baby bottle , spout cup or straw cup.

Easy-grip bottle

Easy grip bottle

The Easy grip baby bottle handle is suitable from the moment that your child can sit up and would like to drink from the baby bottle.

✔ Easy to hold through the opening in the middle.

✔ With Anti-Colic valve in the bottom that helps against colic.

Easy-grip handles

Loose handles for the S-bottle

With the handles for our S bottles, your child can easily learn to drink by himself.

✔ Available for Natural and Wide S-bottles.

✔ Shape of the handles ensures correct posture. This ensures a constant flow.

Non spill cup

Non spill Sippy cup

The non-spill drinking cup with a hard spout is a good follow-up to the non-spill cup with a soft spout. As soon as your child starts teething, it’s time to make the switch.

✔ Ergonomic: thanks to the cone-shaped interior, fluid can flow toward the spout, even in a horizontal position.

✔ Non-spill system with two drinking positions.

Cup with straw

Straw cup

The Difrax non-spill straw cup is perfect for the period between the spout cup and the training cup. Without suction, the straw won’t let fluid pass through, which prevents spilling.

✔ Drinking without straining the neck

✔ Completely demountable, so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance

Juice box holder

Juice box holder

Similar to the straw cup, your child can start to learn how to drink from a carton from about 12 months onward. A sturdy juice box holder is a good way for your child to drink without making a mess.

✔ The Difrax juice box holders are ideal for at home and on the move.

✔ Easily remove the carton via the opening in the bottom

Training cup

Training cup

From about 12 months, your child can start to learn how to drink from an open cup. This will not work immediately. That’s why Difrax has developed a training cup.

✔ The opening by the nose enables your child to look well into the cup. It also encourages the correct drinking position.

✔ Good preparation for the switch to drinking from a regular cup.