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Tips for safe use of a pacifier

We want nothing but the very best for your baby. That is why at Difrax, we thoroughly test our pacifiers before we distribute them to (online) stores. A pacifier must meet strict European regulations: the EN1400 standard. When you buy a pacifier in a Dutch (online) store, you can assume that it is safe to use. On this page, we would like to share some tips to ensure that your baby's pacifier remains safe to use after purchase. A little help.

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Keep checking the pacifier

  • Check the pacifier every time before giving it to your baby. Check it for weak spots, cracks or bite marks by firmly pulling the sucking area.
  • Follow European guidelines and replace your baby’s pacifier every six weeks. After about six weeks, small cracks appear that aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye. This is the start of greater damage, which you naturally want to prevent.
  • Immediately throw away the pacifier when the first signs of damage appear.
  • If your child bites on the pacifier, it is best to no longer use one. In this case, a teething ring is a good alternative.

Tip! Is your baby teething? Then check the pacifier extra thoroughly for damage!

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Safe use of a pacifier cord:

Your baby probably loses their pacifier every once in a while. To prevent this from happening, you can use a pacifier cord. This is a handy cord that attaches the pacifier to your baby’s clothing. We’d like to give you some tips on how to safely use a pacifier cord:

  • The pacifier cord should not be taken to bed. Your child could get caught up in the cord.
  • Make sure that the cord is shorter than 22 cm, as this is the maximum length allowed for safety reasons.
  • The pacifier should never be attached to a cord around the neck of your baby. It might seem convenient, but your baby could get caught up in the cord.

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Giving up the pacifier

Although it might seem far away now, there will come a time when you want your child to give up their pacifier. A difficult task, especially if your child is very attached to the pacifier. How to deal with this?

We’re here to offer you a little help. In addition to a few tips, we have also developed the ‘Stoppen met foppen’ book, which teaches your child how to give up the pacifier in 15 days.

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