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How do I go about weaning my child from the soother? When is the right time for my child give up the soother? How long can we safely use a soother? Why would we want to stop using a soother? These are a few examples of questions arising amongst all parents! That is why Difrax decided to develop this book called 'Giving up the Soother' in conjunction with medical experts.

The popular 'Giving up your soother' book consists of a 15-day step-by-step plan to prepare childeren to wave a happy goodbye to their trusty and comforting soother. On the last day of the plan, the child is asked to send its soother to Soo Soo the Soother Fairy.

Suitable for children from the age of 3 with a little help from their parents. The book can be downloaded free of charge and also ordered in print via the Difrax webshop. Difrax has developed many different parenting books in co-operation with medical experts to help parents and children with the developmental milestones in the child’s life.

Download here for free

Download the calendar and the sticker sheet here

  • Supports children and parents in achieving the milestones in a child's development
  • With amusing games and assignments for the child
  • Developed in collaboration with the Difrax medical team
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