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Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

 Baby op schouder moeder

At Difrax, we believe that sustainability is essential. For the world of today, but also for the future. We therefore continuously strive to make the best possible choices for our products by using the most sustainable packaging and materials.

Conscious use of plastic

Our packaging contains as little plastic and as much paper or cardboard as possible. The packaging window is precisely big enough to see the product, and hygiene is guaranteed because the product cannot be touched.

Together with our manufacturers, we constantly seek out sustainable solutions. For example, we replaced the plastic bags in the cardboard boxes used for transport with paper bags. We also prefer sea freight to air transport and try to fill up our containers as much as possible.

Safe and sustainable raw materials

When selecting (raw) materials, we mainly focus on the safety and hygiene of every product. We only choose the best materials for your baby and the environment. For our anti-colic S-bottle, we use the following sustainable materials: polypropylene, silicone and borosilicate glass. For our pacifiers, we only use polypropylene and silicone.

Our Anti-Colic S-bottles and pacifier shields are made of polypropylene. This material is fully recyclable and 100% safe. It is also free of BPA and softeners. Besides being recyclable, polypropylene also has a few other advantages. It can withstand large temperature differences, it is resistant to bacteria and molds, and it can be sterilized with steam. Polypropylene also has a long lifespan, which makes it possible to reuse the parts. In short: it is extremely suitable for baby bottles and pacifiers!

Our glass Anti-Colic S-bottles are made of strong and durable borosilicate glass. It is made out of 100% natural minerals and is lead- and BPA-free. Borosilicate glass is lighter than regular glass, and the coefficient of expansion is lower. As a result, it can withstand temperature differences and has an extra-long lifespan. That is why this type of glass is also used in laboratories. Our glass bottles are impact-resistant, lightweight and durable.

Because of its many advantages, at Difrax, we consciously choose silicone for our bottle teats and pacifiers. Silicone is taste-, odor- and allergy-free. Silicone cannot be recycled, but it is environmentally friendly and sustainable because it is easy to clean, less likely to crack and weather-resistant.

At Difrax, we are committed to delivering consistent quality

We can guarantee that with silicone, but not yet with rubber. At this stage, natural rubber still needs the addition of chemicals to make it usable, which makes the production process too harmful to the environment. Natural rubber also has certain characteristics, such as smell/taste, deformation /coloring and allergy sensitivity, which is why we currently believe that silicone is a more suitable material for our products.

However, we closely follow the development of sustainable (raw) materials, production processes and recycling methods. When a new, innovative material or production process presents itself, we investigate the possibilities thoroughly and carry out tests to find out if it is suitable for our baby products. This way, our products and the production process become increasingly sustainable!