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When can your baby start to drink on its own?

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Your baby will soon want to drink on its own. In the beginning, this won’t be easy. But you’ll see that your baby quickly gets the hang of it. And wait until you see the triumphant look on your baby’s face when it manages to drink on its own—it’s priceless!

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When can my baby start to drink on its own?

Most babies will soon want to hold their bottle while they’re drinking, even from a very young age. This might look as if your baby wants to drink on its own. However, it’s not yet physically capable until about six months, when it can sit up straight. Difrax has handy tools to help your baby to drink independently: the easy-grip baby bottle and the easy-grip handles for the Natural and Wide bottles.

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Drinking from the baby bottle independently

The easy-grip baby bottle has an opening in the middle, making it easy for your baby to hold their bottle without help. Learning to drink independently with the easy-grip baby bottle is good for the development of your baby’s motor skills.

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Difrax also has special easy-grip handles for the S-bottles. These handles are available for both Natural and Wide S-bottles. The handles are easy to hold so your baby can drink independently. The handles are easy to attach under the ring of the baby bottle.

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Non-spill drinking cups

After a while, your child will be ready to drink from a drinking cup. The Difrax drinking cups with their soft spout are ideal for the transition period between a baby bottle and a drinking cup. They are suitable from about six months.

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