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Daily baby care

Baby vastgehouden door moeder

Bathing your baby, washing and combing its hair, cleaning its nose and nails, brushing its teeth—it’s all part of daily baby care. With our products and tips, we like to offer you a little help in taking care of your baby.

Taking care of baby nails

Part of daily baby care is taking care of the nails. Baby’s nails grow very fast. Young babies don’t have good hand-eye coordination yet, so they make a lot of uncontrolled movements. This makes it easy for your baby to scratch itself. Because the nails are fine and sharp and your baby’s skin is very thin, it can leave nasty marks, especially on the face. This is why it’s important to keep your baby’s nails short. It’s best to cut soft baby nails regularly from seven weeks old. Do however use safe baby scissors with rounded tips. 

Babyhand in ouderhand

The Difrax deluxe baby manicure set has everything you need to help you with this challenging task. The set consists of ergonomically safe nail clippers with extra grip, nail scissors with rounded tips, and a soft, durable glass file with a rounded tip. All in a handy and stylish storage case.

Baby care tip: If your baby doesn’t like its nails being cut, do it while it’s asleep.

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Taking care of baby hair

The Difrax brush and comb set is specially designed to gently take care of your baby’s scalp and hair. The bristles of the baby hairbrush are soft, so you can use it from birth. The brush has a mirror on the back for your baby to admire itself.

Baby met knuffel

Advantages of the Difrax brush and comb set

  • Velvety soft bristles, suitable from birth 
  • Your child can comb its own hair 
  • A soft handle for easy grip 
  • The brush has a mirror on the back so your child can admire itself 

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Cleaning your baby’s nose

Babies aren’t able to blow their nose yet. But you do want your child to be able to breathe freely when it has a cold. The Difrax nose cleaner quickly and easily cleans your baby’s nose. Squeeze the ball so that it creates a vacuum. Then insert the transparent part into your baby's nose. Keep your baby’s other nostril closed and slowly release the pressure to let air into the ball. The mucus will be sucked into the ball through the spout. After use, clean both the spout and the ball with warm water and soap. Can be used from birth. 

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Baby met neusjesreiniger

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