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Bottle warmer

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The Difrax bottle warmer is suitable for heating (bottles of) food quickly and safely. The bottle warmer also has a defrost setting, as well as a setting to keep bottles and jars at the right temperature for an extended period of time. The bottle warmer is also suitable for (steam) cleaning bottles and small accessories.


  • 4 functions in 1: Quick heating, maintaining temperature, defrosting and cleaning.
  • Fast: The bottle warmer can heat a bottle in 2 minutes (80 ml milk/water with a starting temperature of 21°C)
  • Intuitive: Three settings and an electric, clearly readable display
  • Safety: Automatically turns off when the water has evaporated (in hot mode)
  • Handy: Option to shorten and hide the power cable
  • Universal: Suitable for all Difrax bottles and most other types of bottles and jars

Three modes:

  • In “hot” mode, milk and food are heated quickly and evenly, while bottles and accessories are cleaned with steam.
  • “Bottle” mode maintains the selected temperature of water or milk for up to 10 hours. You can also defrost food in this mode.
  • In “dinner” mode, the food remains warm for up to 3 hours.

In addition to the bottle warmer, the set also contains a measuring cup to measure the correct amount of water. Bottle not included.

Bottle warmer
Bottle warmer Sale price €64,99