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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important and permanent role at Difrax. In 2020, we aligned our existing social initiatives with the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

Find out how we transformed these initiatives into conscious and sustainable choices for today and the future.

We Care

At Difrax, sustainable business, both for employees and the environment, is a priority.  

✔ Difrax produces via Amfori BSCI certified factories;

✔ continually strives to use the most sustainable materials and packaging.

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Goal 3. Health care for all

✔ Difrax supports good causes to improve the health of babies and mothers worldwide;

✔ monitor the well-being of employees in its factories.

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Goal 5. Equal rights for men and women

✔ Difrax supports good causes that promote the empowerment of girls and women;

✔ acts as a coach for women entrepreneurs.

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Goal 8. Economic growth, employment and decent work for all

✔ Difrax monitors improved and safe production;

✔ provides students from the Netherlands and Ecuador with opportunities in the labour market.

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Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

✔ Difrax continuously strives to use the most sustainable materials and packaging;
✔ choose safety and hygiene for every product.

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The SDGs consist of 17 goals that aim to make the world a better place by 2030. With the help of these goals, a lot of attention is given to peace and security, economic development and environmental issues in the world. In the coming years, Difrax intends to further define and meet these goals.