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Flessenspenen - Difrax

Bottle teats

Choosing the right bottle teat is at least as important as choosing the right Anti-Colic baby bottle. But which one suits your child best? The right choice depends on a number of factors. More info can be found here.

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Flessenspeen Natural - 4 stuks - Difrax
Teat Natural - 4 pieces Sale price €11,70 Regular price €12,98
Bestseller Flessenspeen Natural - 2 stuks - Difrax
Teat - Natural - Nipple - 2 pack Sale price From €6,49
Flessenspeen Wide - 2 stuks - Difrax
Teat - Wide - Nipple - 2 pack Sale price €6,99
Flessenspeen - Dental - Small - 2st - Difrax
Papspeen - Wide - XL - 2st - Difrax
Sold out 1-2-3 Ring met XS Doseerspeen - 2 st - Difrax
1-2-3 Doseerspeen - Natural - 2st - Difrax
1-2-3 Doseerspeen - Wide - 2st - Difrax
1-2-3 Ring Natural - Difrax
1-2-3 Ring Wide - Difrax
Bestseller 2-in-1 Deluxe bottle brush
2-in-1 Deluxe bottle brush Sale price €7,99
Fopspeen steriliseer ei - Wit - Difrax
Magnetron sterilisator - Difrax
Microwave steriliser Sale price €36,99
New Detergent for baby products
Detergent for baby products Sale price €5,49
NEW Mammafeel dynamic bottle teat
Mammafeel dynamic bottle teat Sale price €11,99
All about teats

Baby bottle teats

Difrax has developed a soft-coated, silicone bottle teat for the anti-colic S-bottle. The teat is easily accepted, especially by newborn babies, and provides extra grip, which makes drinking easier for your child. You can choose between four types of bottle teats, depending on the type of food and your baby’s suction power. The bottle teats have no risk of causing latex allergies and are odorless and tasteless.

zoom van de Difrax flessenspeen op een S-Fles met blauwe achtergrond

The advantages of Difrax teats

  • A suitable teat for every preference, suction, age and feed
  • With special coating for extra grip
  • Suitable from birth
  • BPA-free, odourless and taste-free
  • No risk of latex allergies

The bottle teat for your baby

Difrax has a wide range of silicone bottle teats. The best choice depends on the type of food you provide and your baby's suction. All bottle teats are provided with a soft coating for extra grip and are odorless and tasteless, without risk of latex allergy. The teats are also easy to clean.

Narrow and wide bottle teats

Narrow bottle teat in S, M and L
Well-accepted bottle teat.
Suitable for the narrow 170 ml S-bottle, 250 ml and the easy grip bottle.

Wide bottle teat in S, M, L and XL
For babies who prefer to have a wide bite.
Suitable for the wide S-bottle 200 ml and the 310 ml.

1-2-3 Dosing Variflow teat

  • With the 1-2-3 teat you dose the amount of food. That way you determine the drinking speed of your baby, also during feeding.
  • Available for the narrow and wide S-bottle.

Dental bottle teat in S

  • Specially shaped bottle teat for young babies who choke or drink too quickly.
  • The teat spreads the food better in the mouth.
  • Suitable for the narrow S-bottle, easy grip bottle and other brands small baby bottles.
  • Also suitable for prematures and children with reflux.

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