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Pacifiers: the advantages

Baby met Difrax fopspeen

Like all babies, your baby has a strong suckling need during their first five months. This is a natural process designed to stimulate the mother’s milk production. Pacifiers fulfill this natural suckling need. In addition, a pacifier offers comfort and peace and makes your baby feel safe and secure, even when you’re not there.

Pacifier vs. thumb sucking

There are several advantages to using a pacifier as opposed to thumb sucking.

  • A pacifier is kinder to the teeth than a thumb. 
  • A pacifier is more hygienic than a thumb. 
  • A pacifier is safer than a thumb. 
  • Your baby will go to sleep more peacefully with a pacifier and will turn onto its tummy less quickly, reducing the risk of infant death. 
  • It is easier to quit using a pacifier than it is to quit thumb sucking.

The advantages of Difrax pacifiers

Difrax pacifiers provide the right fit for every child, from premature babies to children over 18 months old. And there are more advantages to Difrax pacifiers:

  • The butterfly shape of the shield leaves enough room for the nose. 
  • Tasteless, odorless and allergy-free.
  • Developed with speech therapists and dentists.
  • Optimal air supply, preventing skin irritation.
  • Grows along with your child’s suckling needs and age.
  • Available in Natural and Dental.

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Difrax pacifiers for different ages

The Difrax pacifier comes in five different sizes, ranging from newborn to 18+ months. The pacifier offers comfort and safety for any age. The size of the shield and the sucking part of the pacifier vary according to the age category. The sucking part becomes more solid as the ages increase, so it stays in proportion with the developing jaw strength of your child. The shield also becomes bigger, so it matches your child’s face. 

As soon as your baby starts to bite on the pacifier, we recommend stopping the use of a pacifier and switching to a teething ring or teething toy.

Infographic Difrax pacifiers

Natural or Dental?

The Natural pacifier is naturally shaped like a nipple and therefore resembles the mother's breast the most. For this reason, Natural pacifiers are most easily accepted.

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Natural pacifier

The Dental pacifier has a round and a flat side. The flat side lies on the tongue, stimulating the development of the palate and the tongue and jaw muscles.

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Recommended by parents

91% give Difrax pacifiers a good to excellent rating.**
93% would recommend Difrax to friends, family or colleagues.*

One mother, Stephanie, is enthusiastic: “It’s great! The pacifier is hip and trendy. I love the variation in designs. It’s a good fit for my little girl and offers her the right amount of comfort when she needs it.”

Tip! Replace the pacifier every six weeks. Check for damage daily by firmly pulling the suction area. If the pacifier is damaged, throw it away immediately. 

As soon as your child starts to bite on the pacifier, we recommend starting to wean your child off the pacifier and switching to a teething ring or teething toy. 

*These results are based on a customer satisfaction survey carried out on in December 2017.
**Based on a total of reviews of Difrax pacifiers on in December 2017.