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Incoming Baby teeth

Baby met doorkomende tandjes

Ouch, incoming teeth! For most children, teething can be quite unpleasant. We’d like to share some tips on how to ease the pain for your little one, and we’ll tell you more about how to take care of their first teeth.

Tips for incoming Baby teeth

  • The pain and discomfort of teething will disappear as soon as the teeth have come through. Until then, the following tips can ease the pain of incoming teeth. 
  • Use your finger to gently massage the gum when you see a tooth coming through. This will reduce the pressure on the gum. 
  • Let your child chew on something. Chewing a (cooled) teething ring will alleviate the pain of incoming teeth. 
  • Give your child something cool to drink, as warm drinks will make the pain worse. 
  • Sucking on a thumb or pacifier can ease the pain of teething. 
  • Pharmacies and chemists sell several types of drops that alleviate teething pain. 
  • Start brushing as soon as the first teeth come through.

bijtjuweel voor doorkomende tandjes

Teething rings for incoming teeth

Babies have an urge to chew and bite when they are teething. This relieves the pressure on the gum. Give your baby a (cooled) teething ring for some extra pain relief. The knobbly ridges and structured surface massage the gum. 

To teething rings and teethers

3 in 1 bijtring en baby

Brushing their first teeth

As soon as the first tooth has emerged, you can start brushing once a day. The Difrax fingertip toothbrush is specially designed for those first teeth. With the fingertip toothbrush, you can start brushing your baby’s teeth in a fun and playful manner. It is a perfect and easy way to start your baby’s oral care. Use the toothbrush together with special toddler toothpaste. Toddler toothpaste has a nice flavor and contains less fluoride. It doesn’t matter if your child swallows some of the toothpaste while you are brushing the teeth. Dentists recommend brushing from the moment that your baby’s first teeth emerge.

To the fingertop toothbrush

meisje waarbij de tandjes worden gepoetst

Tooth brushing tips

In the beginning, you will want to take charge of brushing your child’s teeth so you can make sure that it is done properly. However, if your child wants to brush their own teeth, let them have a go so they can get used to it in a playful manner. It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t brush properly, you can always brush the teeth a bit more after they’ve finished. Brushing incoming teeth can be extra challenging if your child has trouble sitting still. For this, we have a couple of tips.

  • Hold your baby on your lap and turn their head toward the light. This way, you can get a good look into their mouth while brushing the teeth.
  • Give your baby something to play with as a distraction. 
  • Brush your baby’s teeth in a fixed order and explain what you are doing. 
  • Sing a tooth-brushing song. To give you an idea, a tooth brushing song should take about as long as singing “Happy birthday to you,” as this is the brushing duration recommended by dentists.

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