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Difrax drinkbekers

Cups and cutlery

Easy to eat and drink without spilling. With our Anti-spill cups your child can drink easily without straining the neck. The Toddler bowl has a raised edge which makes food easy to scoop up. A little help for your little one, and a little bit for yourself!

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Toddler bowl and cutleryToddler bowl and cutlery
Toddler bowl and cutlery Sale price €15,99
360 degrees cupmeisje met 360 graden beker oranje
360 degrees cup32 Reviews Sale price €10,99
Non spill Sippy cup - Soft spout - 250 mlmeisje met difrax tuitbeker
Non spill Sippy cup - Soft spout - 250 ml30 Reviews Sale price €10,99
Cup with straw - Non spill - 250 mlmeisje met difrax rietjesbeker
Cup with straw - Non spill - 250 ml37 Reviews Sale price €10,99
oefen drinkbeker witkindje met oefenbeker
Toddler training cup - White16 Reviews Sale price €4,99
bewaarbakjes voor babyvoedingbewaarbakjes voor babyvoeding
Breast milk and baby food storage containers2 Reviews Sale price €10,99
antilek ventiel
Valve for non spill Sippy cup Sale price €3,99
Rager voor rietjesbeker antilek
Brush for cup with straw6 Reviews Sale price €1,00
Weaning spoons for baby foodWeaning spoons for baby food
Weaning spoons for baby food9 Reviews Sale price €7,99
Peuter- en babybestek zilverbaby met bestek
Toddler and baby cutlery6 Reviews Sale price €7,99
los rietje voor de rietjesbekerStraw for straw cup with non-spill system
Straw for straw cup with non-spill system5 Reviews Sale price €3,25
Moedermelk bewaarbakjes
drievaks melkpoeder bewaar doosjeBaby formula container Storage - 3 Compartments
Last pieces pakjeshouder met woezel en pip Juice box holder
Juice box holder Sale price €5,49
Save €4,49 Babykom blauwBabykom blauw
Toddler and baby bowl3 Reviews Sale price €4,50 Regular price €8,99