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Cups and cutlery

Easy to eat and drink without spilling. With our Anti-spill cups your child can drink easily without straining the neck. The Toddler bowl has a raised edge which makes food easy to scoop up. A little help for your little one, and a little bit for yourself!

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Rietjesbeker antilek - 250 ml - Difrax
Antilek tuitbeker - Zachte tuit - 250 ml - Difrax
360 graden beker - Difrax
360 degrees cup Sale price €10,99
Oefen drinkbeker - Wit - Difrax
Toddler training cup - White Sale price €4,99
Lepels voor babyvoeding - Difrax
Weaning spoons for baby food Sale price €7,99
Peuterkom en peuterbestek - Difrax
Toddler bowl and cutlery Sale price €15,99
Moedermelk en babyvoeding bewaarbakjes - 6 stuks - Difrax
Brush for cup with straw
Brush for cup with straw Sale price €1,00
Los rietje voor de rietjesbeker - Difrax
Drievaks melkpoeder doosje - Difrax
Pakjeshouder Woezel & Pip - Difrax
Juice box holder Sale price €5,49
Baby- en Peuterkom - Difrax
Toddler and baby bowl Sale price €4,50
Sold out Antilek ventiel tuitbeker - Difrax
Valve for non spill Sippy cup Sale price €3,99
Moedermelk bewaarbakjes incl. kolfaansluiting - Difrax
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Drinking cups

Get to know the Difrax drinking cups! On this page you will find our iconic, innovative Difrax cups. These cups are designed with the help of a medical team to teach young children to drink independently. Most babies will soon want to hold their bottle while they’re drinking, even from a very young age. This might look as if your baby wants to drink on its own. However, it’s not yet physically capable until about six months, when it can sit up straight. Read more about what our cups have to offer and experience the trendy colour collection for yourself.

Discover all the benefits of Difrax cups

  • Thanks to the conical shape of the cup, your child never has to strain his neck
  • Can be completely dismantled for optimal cleaning
  • Suitable for the dishwasher
  • Designed in collaboration with a medical team
  • Helps little ones make the transition to an open cup in a fun way
  • The right cup for every stage
  • The narrow, ergonomic design makes it easy for little hands to hold the cup

Conical shape

Due to the conical shape of the cup, the liquid flows to the spout when it is held in a horizontal position. This ergonomic shape ensures that children do not have to bend their neck too far back.

Tips for learning to drink independently

  • Choose a suitable drinking cup: Difrax has cups for different ages. So there is a cup for every child!
  • Let your child get used to a cup. Take an empty cup with you in your bag to play with.
  • Help your child by holding the cup yourself.

A suitable drinking cup for every stage

360 Degree cup

The 360 degree cup is a cup that, as the name suggests, can be used in a 360-degree arc. So it doesn't matter where the child drinks from the rim. The 360-degrees cup only lets drink through when the child sucks at the edge. For use from 9 months.

The Difrax Non-Spill Sippy Cup Soft

The Non spill Sippy cup - Soft spoutis the perfect first baby trainer cup, suitable from the age of 6 months as it is easy for your baby to drink from without straining their neck. A two handled sippy cup with a soft spout for an easy transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to drinking from a cup.

Cup with straw - Non spill

The Cup with straw - Non spill has a soft straw with an anti-leak system and supports normal muscle development in the mouth. The straw only opens when your child sucks on it, without suction the straw does not let drinks through, preventing spills. The cup with straw is suitable from around 12 months.