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So close to mum’s breast

Difrax LOVI Mammafeel bottle

To build and protect the bond between parent and baby during bottle feeding, Difrax LOVI developed a special baby bottle that mimics the action of the mother’s breast and protects the natural sucking reflex.

The unique feature of the Mammafeel bottle is that it resembles a mother’s breast in shape, texture and dynamics.

So close to mum’s breast

Difrax LOVI has developed an innovative Mammafeel bottle that resembles the mother’s breast as much as possible in terms of shape, texture and dynamics. The Mammafeel bottle eases the transition from breast to bottle.

Thanks to its unique design, your baby will feel the same softness during bottle feeding as during breastfeeding.

Dynamic bottle teat

The special dynamic expandable teat provides a natural drinking sensation and moves with your baby’s sucking rhythm. The sturdy soft-coated wide base helps ensure a proper fit and position of the lips on the bottle.

Your baby’s natural sucking reflex is optimally supported and protected with the Mammafeel bottle.

The unique features of the Mammafeel bottle

  • The teat contains a skin-soft silicone ring
  • Dynamic teat does not disrupt the natural sucking reflex
  • Optimal breastfeeding support
  • Prevents colic thanks to natural latching and free breathing through the nose
  • Durable silicone does not deform or discolour
  • Odour, taste and allergy-free

About the bottle teat

Dynamic feeding

The Mammafeel bottle teat is the very first teat on the market that consists of two silicone components of different thicknesses. The sturdy wide base helps mimic natural feeding.

Unique technology

The special dynamic expandable teat moves with your baby’s natural sucking rhythm. As with breastfeeding, nutrition flows out of the bottle when your baby is actively drinking.

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The wide, firm base of the teat ensures a good fit and position of the lips on the teat. The baby breathes freely through the nose and not the mouth, which reduces the risk of intestinal cramps.

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Skin-soft silicone ring

The ring on the teat feels extra soft and imitates the skin and texture of the areola. The matt surface offers grip and comfort while drinking.

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Frequently asked questions about the Mammafeel bottle

Because we love babies

  • We protect your baby’s natural sucking reflex
  • Our products are safe to use in combination with breastfeeding
  • The best products for optimal, natural support

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