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Which S-bottle should I choose for my baby?

Baby met Difrax S-fles en Pick your bottles

Of course, you want the very best anti-colic baby bottle for your baby. Choose your bottle! With the Difrax S-bottle, your baby will suffer as little as possible from intestinal cramps, burping and throwing up. The ergonomic S-shape ensures that you feed your baby in a relaxed and comfortable position. But one question remains unanswered: which type of S-bottle is most suitable for your baby? We’re here to help you make the right choice.

The Natural and Wide S-bottle

Babyfles Natural en Wide

The Difrax S-bottle comes in two types: Natural and Wide.

The Natural S-bottle for your baby

Baby drink uit Difrax fles en en Natural flessenspeen

Your baby will quickly accept the Natural S-bottle thanks to the small bottle teat, making it the most popular baby bottle. The slim design ensures that the Natural S-bottle is easy to hold.

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The Wide S-bottle for your baby 

Baby drink uit Difrax S-fles en Wide flessenspeen

The Wide S-bottle has a bigger bottle teat. This is especially suitable for babies who prefer a wide latch, as they open their mouth a bit more. The Wide S-bottle is available in two sizes: 200 ml and 310 ml. The Wide S-bottle 310 ml has the largest capacity and is therefore the ideal follow-up bottle.

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Which capacity should I choose for my baby bottle?

Maten Difrax flessen Natural 170ml en 250ml Wide 200ml en 310ml

The Natural S-bottle comes in 170 ml and 250 ml, the Wide S-bottle comes in 200 ml and 310 ml. The smallest sizes (170 ml and 200 ml) are mostly used in early on, just after birth. After a while, your baby will start to drink more. That’s when you can switch to the Natural 250 ml or the Wide 310 ml S-bottle. The Wide 310 ml bottle is also available as a porridge bottle. The follow-up bottles of the same type differ only in capacity

Difrax porridge bottle XL

Kind met papfles

Most babies love a porridge bottle as a change from their ordinary bottle of milk. Also, milk porridge keeps the baby’s tummy satisfied just a bit longer. For this reason, Difrax designed a special porridge bottle. The porridge bottle XL is suitable for 310 ml of porridge and has an extra-large bottle teat. The XL bottle has wide opening, which makes it suitable for thick porridge. With the handles supplied, your child can easily hold the bottle and drink on its own. The porridge bottle can be used from about nine months.

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Which material should I choose for my baby’s S-bottle?

The standard S-bottles for your baby are made of polypropylene. This is a safe, relatively hard and therefore a very strong and sturdy material. It’s also BPA-free and does not include softeners. Polypropylene comes in a wide variety of colors, so S-bottles always look fun and trendy.

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Borosilicate glass

Difrax glazen en plastic flessen

The glass S-bottles for your baby are made of durable borosilicate glass. This type of glass is lightweight, safe and durable. Borosilicate glass can withstand large temperature differences and is therefore also used in laboratories. The sturdy glass prevents damage or scratches in which bacteria can nest. This gives the glass S-bottle an extra-long lifespan. The sturdy glass is impact-resistant but not unbreakable.

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Recyclable materials in the S-bottle
Both materials are fully recyclable. Polypropylene can be put directly in the plastic waste and borosilicate glass can be taken to a waste collection facility. Difrax has made a conscious choice to use sustainable materials. Want to know more? Go to the “We Care” page.

Silicone bottle teats

Baby drink uit Difrax S-fles en soft coating voor extra grip flessenspenen

All S-bottles have a soft-coated silicone bottle teat, providing extra grip. Need help choosing the right bottle teat? Go to: Which bottle teat should I choose?

The Difrax S-bottle is recommended by parents and professionals

80% of professionals recommend the Difrax S-bottle for your baby*
of users of the Difrax S-bottle report fewer colic cramps in their child*
46% of Dutch parents use a Difrax S-bottle*

More than 80% of birth care professionals recommend the Difrax S-bottle to the families they care for*. The reasons? The S-bottle has a good anti-colic effect, combines well with breastfeeding and is suitable for a newborn baby’s suckling needs. In addition, the S-bottle is considered to be the most hygienic as it is completely demountable and does not contain any small or hard-to-clean parts.

The Difrax S-bottle is rated 8/10 by these professionals and parents. 

Baby bottles medically approved

* The figures quoted are based on consumer research conducted by WIJ Special Media amongst 1886 participants and an online survey conducted by Difrax BV at verloskundigenloket.nl and kraamzorgloket.nl. More than 160 maternity nurses and 100 obstetricians took part in the research.

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