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100% against colic

The best anti-colic baby bottle for preventing stomach cramps

The Difrax S-bottle is the number one baby bottle in the Netherlands

Bottles are essential in the first year of your baby's life. They can be used to feed your baby with expressed breast milk or formula milk. The good thing about a bottle is that both you and your partner can feed your baby, so you can both enjoy those intimate feeding moments. At Difrax, we developed the anti-colic S-bottle: the ideal baby bottle for preventing stomach cramps. The soft-coated, nipple-shaped bottle teat has a high acceptance rate, and the anti-colic S-bottle very suitable for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The Difrax anti-colic S-bottle is the best-selling baby bottle in the Netherlands.

Award-winning baby bottle

At Difrax, our mission is to make the lives of parents and children easier and more comfortable by developing innovative baby products. Through continuous innovation, we create the most helpful, convenient and trendy baby products on the market. We’re all about offering you a little help—that’s our goal! Our S-bottle has been awarded several international prizes for innovation and design.

The advantages of the anti-colic baby bottle

  • Anti-colic: 100% milk, 0% air.
  • Vacuum-free feeding.
  • Preservation of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Soft-coated bottle teat for extra grip.
  • Suitable for any feeding position.
  • Most hygienic baby bottle, without unhygienic straw.
  • Ergonomic S-shape.
  • Also available with durable glass bottles.

S-bottle anti-colic system

100% milk, 0% air: the anti-colic system that prevents stomach cramps.

The anti-colic S-bottle has a patented anti-colic system in the bottom to prevent intestinal cramps, burping and throwing up. The anti-colic valve and the unique S-shape prevent the mixing of air and milk, which reduces the risk of colic and preserves essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E. The valve system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle, without creating a vacuum. This allows your baby to drink comfortably without having to pause. The Difrax anti-colic S-bottle can be used from birth and is the best baby bottle in combination with breastfeeding.

Parts of the Difrax S-baby bottle

The S-bottle can be taken apart from top to bottom and all parts are easy to clean. The S-bottle can even be cleaned in the dishwasher! Use the top rack and run a program on 55⁰C.

Bottle teats

Difrax offers a wide variety of silicon bottle teats. All teats have a soft coating for extra grip and are odorless, tasteless and pose no risk for those with latex allergies. All teats are easy to clean. This anti-colic baby bottle comes with a standard size S bottle teat.

Bottle cap

The cap of the S-bottle contains measurement markings. These can be used to easily measure the right amount of formula or breastmilk.

Ergonomic S-bottle body

The S-shaped baby bottle ensures a natural feeding position for your baby, similar to breastfeeding. This is an ergonomic feeding position for your baby and for yourself. The teat remains full of milk, even when the bottle is almost empty, ensuring that you don’t have to change position while feeding. Feeding moments can be relaxed and comfortable from beginning to end, for both you and your baby. The durable glass S-bottles are made of a very strong and durable borosilicate glass.

Anti-colic valve

The anti-colic valve in the bottom of the baby bottle provides a constant, regular flow of air, without causing a vacuum. This allows your baby to drink comfortably without having to pause to let air into the S-bottle. Your baby can keep drinking and less air will end up in their intestines.


The baby bottles are completely demountable, and the parts are easy to clean. The large opening in the bottom can be used to easily add cubes of frozen breast milk, as we strive to offer a little help.

84% of maternity nurses recommend the S-bottle for intestinal cramps *

* Survey of 320 maternity nurses (May 2022)

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