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Article: The difference between the Difrax Dynamic and Natural pacifier

Verschil tussen de Dynamische en Natural fopspeen

The difference between the Difrax Dynamic and Natural pacifier

What is the difference between the Difrax Dynamic and Natural pacifier?

At Difrax, you will find various safe pacifiers for your baby. A pacifier offers comfort, peace and fulfils your baby’s strong sucking needs. The calming effect of a pacifier also helps your baby sleep better. It is not without reason that medical experts recommend a pacifier the moment your baby is born.

Difrax recently launched a new pacifier that is “Dynamic”. Like all other Difrax pacifiers, this pacifier has been developed with a team of medical experts to provide you and your baby with optimal support. You can read exactly how the Dynamic pacifier works, and how it differs from the Difrax Natural pacifier, in this blog. Finally, you will find a handy overview of the similarities and differences between these two pacifiers. As a result, you will have all the information at hand to decide which pacifier suits your baby best.

How does the Difrax LOVI Dynamic pacifier work?

In addition to our Natural and Dental collection, Difrax LOVI has developed a special “Dynamic” collection that protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex. The sucking section of the Dynamic pacifier is constructed differently than the Natural pacifier: it is constructed from multiple silicone layers of different thickness. Thanks to the unique, flexible design, the pacifier moves with your baby’s natural sucking rhythm. This works step by step as follows:

  1. When your baby makes a sucking movement, the sucking section of the pacifier offers extra stretch. This gives your baby extra support when contracting the mouth and jaw muscles.
  2. After the sucking movement, the direction of the mouth and jaw muscles changes, causing the sucking section to shrink back to its neutral basic position.
  3. With each subsequent sucking movement, the pacifier provides optimal support and does not disrupt the natural sucking reflex.


What does the Dynamic pacifier look like?

1 = Dynamic sucking section, natural oval shape

2 = Silicone: durable, does not deform with use

3 = Special shield, the slightly curved shape fits well on the face

4 = Ring, easy to grip

How does the Difrax Natural pacifier work?

Just like the Dynamic pacifier, the sucking section of the Natural pacifier oval (symmetrical). This provides extra comfort for your baby, while at the same time taking into account the natural shape and development of the palate. Compared to the Dynamic pacifier, the sucking section of the Natural pacifier is made of one layer of durable silicone and is less flexible when your baby sucks on the pacifier. The sucking section moves less during the sucking movement and ensures a stable tongue movement. The sucking section is completely smooth, while the Dynamic pacifier has 6 small silicone balls on the inside to further imitate the mother’s breast. These are located slightly below the silicone layers.

What does the Natural pacifier look like?

1 = Teat, in a natural oval shape

2 = Silicone material, long-lasting and does not get distorted by use

3 = Butterfly shield, its gently moulded shape sits snugly against the face

4 = Ring, easy to grasp

Are you unsure which pacifier suits your baby best? Then we advise you to start with one of the two variants. Both guarantee high acceptance thanks to their symmetrical shape.

Would you like more information about Difrax pacifiers? Read our blog with Frequently Asked Questions about using a pacifier. Also read the useful tips for safe use.

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