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Article: Pacifier cord or pacifier cloth against losing the pacifier

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Pacifier cord or pacifier cloth against losing the pacifier

A pacifier is often indispensable for your child and therefore also for you as a parent. So it's extra annoying if it gets lost.  

Babies and young children often have little control over their movements. Becuase of this, one movement can cause the pacifier to fall out of the mouth. Chances are that the pacifier then falls to the floor and gets dirty. A pacifier cord or pacifier cloth can be used ensure that the pacifier is less likely to be lost and fall on the floor. In addition, they are fun accessory! 

Pacifier cord

You can attach the pacifier to your child's clothes with a pacifier cord. Attach the end to the pacifier with the loop. For the Difrax newborn and 0-6 months pacifiers the loop goes through the slot in the button, for the other ages the loop can go through the ring. The end with the clip can be attached to the clothing. This way you will never lose the pacifier again it doesn't fall to the ground.   

The cord should not be used in the crib or cot as there may be a choking hazard. The cord is also not suitable as a toy or teething toy. 

In the webshop you will find various pacifier cords with cheerful prints.  

Pacifier cloth

A pacifier cloth is also a good option to lose the pacifier less quickly. A pacifier cloth can also be attached to the button or ring of the pacifier. By attaching something to the pacifier, the pacifier is less likely to be lost. And if the pacifier is lost, then it is easier to find.  

Due to its soft structure, a pacifier cloth can also be used as a baby comforter, with or without pacifier. Some pacifier cloths have a separate compartment where the pacifier can be stored. 

Make sure that the pacifier cloth is not too heavy, so that the pacifier stays in the mouth better. The Difrax pacifier cloth is a good example of this.  

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