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Article: Pinky pacifier: Helps to improve your baby’s sucking reflex

Pinky fopspeen: Helpt de zuigreflex bij je baby te verbeteren

Pinky pacifier: Helps to improve your baby’s sucking reflex

Most babies have a natural sucking reflex that works well from birth. This means a strong sucking reaction occurs as soon as your baby feels something in his/her mouth. Having a good sucking reflex, together with the search and swallowing reflex, is crucial for a baby to feed. It is their survival mechanism. And it is not without reason that it is called suckling.

Coordinating the different reflexes, such as looking for the nipple or teat, sucking milk, swallowing and breathing, can be challenging for a baby at first. But this will all happen naturally as your child gets older,. Some babies need some extra help during the start-up process because the sucking reflex has not developed well. For example, as a result of premature birth, or due to a physical or neurological condition.

How do you stimulate the sucking reflex in a baby?

A baby’s sucking reflex is stimulated as soon as something is felt against the (back part of the) palate. You can do this safely with the help of a special pacifier. Difrax developed the Pinky pacifier in collaboration with professionals for this purpose. The unique thing about the Difrax Pinky pacifier is that it has a finger-shaped suction part where you can place your little finger.

The suction part is long enough to reach the back of the palate. You can manipulate the sucking part with your little finger and give it some extra strength. This helps the baby initiate the sucking reflex. The shape of the sucking part of the Pinky pacifier is oval and resembles the mother’s nipple. The size and shape have been specially developed for little ones.

What are the advantages of the Pinky pacifier?

The Pinky pacifier is an aid to stimulate the natural sucking reflex in a young baby. Teaching a baby to suck properly makes learning to drink from the breast or bottle easier. The Pinky pacifier provides optimal contact between you as a parent and your child. The baby is reassured by sucking on the finger and staying close. When your child feels calm and safe, simply remove the little finger from the pacifier. The Pinky can also be used as a “normal” pacifier.

The Pinky is also suitable for young babies who have difficulty holding a “normal” pacifier in their mouth. The Pinky helps the child accept a pacifier and strengthen the grip. The material is made of 100% silicone and is therefore not only durable and safe, but also taste-free and allergy-free. In addition, the pacifier is made from one piece, which makes it easy to clean.

Up to what age can I use the Pinky, and which pacifier do I use after that?

The Pinky pacifier is especially suitable for (premature) babies aged -2 m to +2 m. Are you looking for a successor to the Pinky? Then the Difrax Silicone pacifier is a good alternative. This natural pacifier with oval suction part, just like the Pinky, is made from one piece of 100% silicone. You can also switch to one of the other safe pacifiers from Difrax.

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