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Article: Tips for when your baby doesn’t want to sleep at night

Tips voor als je baby 's avonds niet wil slapen - Difrax

Tips for when your baby doesn’t want to sleep at night

A brand-new baby brings a lot of happiness. Unfortunately, broken nights are often also part of the deal. Still, there are ways to make sure that your baby falls asleep easier and faster at night. We’re happy to give you some tips about how to let your baby know that it’s time to go to sleep.

  1. Put your baby to bed in a light room during the day
    When it’s time for a nap, put your child to bed in a light room. At this time, your child will know that it’s only time for a short sleep. It is only dark when it’s bedtime.
  2. Provide background noise during the day
    Background noise lets your child know that it is daytime. In this way, you tell your child that it is time for a nap, and it is not yet evening bedtime.
  3. Talk to your baby while feeding
    During the day, it’s good to talk to your baby when feeding. Indirectly, this lets your baby know that it’s daytime. It’s also helpful to sing, tickle their feet or comb their hair.
  4. Create peace and quiet before bedtime
    Start your baby’s bedtime routine about 30 minutes before bedtime. Create a peaceful and quiet environment and avoid too many stimuli. This way, your baby will feel relaxed when it’s time for bed.
  5. Bathe your baby in the evening
    A warm bath is soothing. Dim the lights and turn it into a calming ritual. By regularly doing this in the evening, you let your baby know that it’s almost bedtime.
  6. Use a night light
    Try not to turn on any bright lights when you enter your baby’s room at night. Use a night light so your baby knows that it’s still nighttime.
  7. Put a cuddly toy in their bed or cradle
    A small, soft cuddly toy or scented cloth is recognizable for a baby and makes it feel familiar. This will help with falling asleep quietly.

For children of three years and up, you can use our Sleeping book. Take a look at the hardcover edition or download the book as a PDF.


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