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The Difrax Anti-Colic S bottle: the best baby bottle against colic and the number 1 baby bottle in the Netherlands!

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Fopspeen steriliseer ei - Wit - DifraxFopspeen steriliseer ei - Wit - Difrax
Magnetron sterilisator - DifraxMagnetron sterilisator - Difrax
Microwave steriliser Sale price €36,99
Handgrepen S-babyfles - Natural - 2st - grijs en wit - DifraxHandgrepen S-babyfles - Natural - 2st - grijs en wit - Difrax
Bestseller Anti koliek ventiel voor S-babyfles - 2st - DifraxAnti koliek ventiel voor S-babyfles - 2st - Difrax
Valve S-bottle - 2 pack Sale price €4,49
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Discover the best baby bottle for your baby

The first months of your baby’s life are all about feeding. It is important that these feeding moments are peaceful and that they can be enjoyed together, from start to finish. We’ve developed a bottle that allows you to feed in a correct, natural and relaxed position that helps prevent colic: the anti-colic S-bottle.

Baby die melk drinkt bij mama uit een groene babyfles

Advantages of the Difrax S-bottle

  • Soft coating for extra grip
  • No mixing of air and milk, preserving nutrients and vitamins
  • Unique, ergonomic S-shape The teat remains full of milk, ensuring a comfortable feeding position
  • Anti-colic system for preventing stomach cramps
  • Most hygienic bottle, completely demountable
  • Available in nice design and sizes (170 ml250 ml en 310 ml).
  • The bottle is available in both plastic and glass, and both types are dishwasher safe.
Grafische weergave van hoe het anti koliek systeem werkt in een S-fles

How does the Difrax S-bottle work?

The S-bottle has been specially developed for the prevention ofstomach cramps. It can be used from birth and is very suitable for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The anti-colic valve in the bottom of the bottle has many advantages. It prevents the mixing of air and milk, which prevents intestinal cramps, burping and throwing up while preserving essential nutrients and vitamins.

The S-bottle has no narrow or difficult-to-clean parts and can be completely disassembled. This makes the bottle easy to keep clean and extra hygienic to use.

baby krijgt de fles van mama

Ergonomic feeding

The shape of the S-bottle ensures an ergonomic, relaxed position during feeding. Thanks to the S-shape, the teat always remains filled with formula. Even with small amounts, there is no need to keep the teat filled at an upward angle, as with a straight bottle.

kindje houdt zelf de handgreepfles als ze melk drinkt

Easy grip baby bottle

The easy grip baby bottle is suitable from the moment your child can sit upright and wants to drink from the baby bottle himself. Children can easily hold the bottle themselves thanks to the opening in the middle. This promotes the development of motor skills.

zoom van de Difrax flessenspeen op een S-Fles met blauwe achtergrond

Matching bottle teat

Choosing the right bottle teat is at least as important as choosing the right anti-colic baby bottle. Difrax has a wide range of silicone teats to offer the right teat for every baby. The teats are provided with a soft coating for extra grip and are odourless and taste-free.

Kindje drinkt uit de Mammafeel fles


Now discover our innovative Mammafeel bottle. The Difrax LOVI bottle is designed to make the transition from breast to bottle as natural as possible. The bottle imitates the shape, texture and dynamics of the mother's breast, allowing your baby to drink comfortably and safely.

The special dynamic expandable teat provides a natural drinking sensation and moves with your baby’s sucking rhythm.

Frequently asked questions

Kraamverzorgenden adviseren de S-fles bij darmkrampjes

84% of maternity nurses recommend the S-bottle for preventing colic*

*Survey among 320 maternity nurses (May 2022)