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All about baby bottles

One smile makes it all worthwhile

We understand that the arrival of a baby turns your world upside down. You are doing well and we will help you along the way with our products. On this page we have collected blogs that are useful for the arrival of your newborn, or for when your baby is already born.

A little help

The best anti-colic baby bottle

Baby bottles are indispensable in the first year of your baby's life. You can give your baby expressed breast milk or bottle feed. At Difrax you will find the Anti-Colic S bottle: the ideal bottle against colic. The soft-coated nipple-shaped bottle teat has a high level of acceptance.

In this article you can read everything about how the anti-colic S bottle works.

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baby drinking from bottle

Which S bottle to choose?

Hurray! You are probably convinced of the Difrax S bottle. This prevents your child from experiencing colic, belching and spitting up as little as possible. But then you have to choose. which type of S bottle is most suitable?

We are happy to help you in this article to make the right choice.

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babybottles in different colors

Which bottle teat to choose?

Choosing the right bottle teat is just as important as choosing the right Anti-Colic baby bottle. But which one is suiting best for your baby? The right choice depends on a number of factors, such as the preference, suction power and age of your child and the type of food.

We tell you all about it on this page.

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baby drinking from bottle

How do I properly clean my baby products?

Your baby's immune system isn't working 100% yet, making your baby more vulnerable to infections. Therefore, hygiene is very important for your baby.

We are happy to explain how you can clean your baby products.

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