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All about pacifiers

We understand that the arrival of a baby turns your world upside down. You are doing well and we will help you along the way with our products. On this page we have collected blogs that are useful for the arrival of your newborn, or for when your baby is already born.

A little help

The benefits of a pacifier

Babies have a high sucking need for the first five months. This is a natural process in which sucking initiates milk production in the mother. A pacifier fulfills this natural need for sucking. In addition, a pacifier offers comfort and peace, so that your child feels safe and secure.

On this page you can read all the benefits of the pacifier.

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Tips for safe pacifier use

The Difrax pacifiers are extensively tested before they are available in the (online) stores. Pacifiers must comply with the strict European legislation EN1400 standard). When you have bought the teat in a Dutch (online) store, you can assume that it is safe to use.

On this page we would like to share some tips to ensure that the pacifier remains safe to use after purchase.

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Tips to unlearn the pacifier

Although it may seem far away now, there will come a time when you will want to unlearn the pacifier to your baby. A difficult task, especially if your child is very attached to the pacifier. How to handle this?

We give you som tips.

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How do I properly clean my baby products?

Your baby's immune system isn't working 100% yet, making your baby more vulnerable to infections. Therefore, hygiene is very important for your baby.

We are happy to explain how you can clean your baby products.

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