So beautifully simple, a 6-month old can use it.

From a certain age you will hear more and more 'I want to do it myself'. Your child will also get teething around this age. On this page you will find useful tools for when your baby is 6-9 months.

A little help

Bottles and cups

As soon as your baby is able to sit up on its own, it can start drinking for itself. Difrax has a number of handy tools for this, such as the Easy-grip bottle and separate handles for the S-bottle.

From six months onward, most children are physically able to hold a cup. The Difrax non-spill cups are specially designed to relieve the neck. Due to the iconic interior, the drink always flows to the spout. Nice drink, without spilling and without straining the neck.


The butterfly shape of the shield leaves enough room for the nose.

Difrax has two types of pacifiers in five different sizes. That is why there is always a pacifier that fits the sucking needs of your child.

‏‏‎ Butterfly-shaped shield keeps the nose free

‏‏‎ Taste, odor and allergy free

‏‏‎ Developed with speech therapists and dentists

‏‏‎ Optimal air supply, prevents skin irritation

‏‏‎ Grows with the sucking needs and age of your child

‏‏‎ Available in Natural and Dental

Teething rings

Big chance that your child will (soon) have teeth. Babies have the need to chew and bite with teething. This relieves pressure on the gums.You can give your baby a (cooled) teether when teething is coming through. The different structures massage the gums. A cooled teether provides extra relief.

Other baby products

Here you will find all other must-haves that are useful for taking care of your child.Think of a first toothbrush, a cuddly toy that offers comfort or an educational parenting book.