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All you need for your baby: Newborn to 6 months

Quote: One smile makes it all worthwhile

We understand that the arrival of a baby turns your world upside down. You are doing well and we are happy to help you along the way with our products. On this page we have collected products that are useful for the arrival of your newborn, or for when your baby is already born.

A little help

Baby bottles and bottle teats

The anti-colic S-bottle against colic.

Our baby bottle can be used from birth and is the best bottle in combination with breastfeeding.

✓ No mix of air with food
✓ Preservation of all nutritional values
✓ Soft-coated bottle teat with extra grip
✓ The most hygienic baby bottle

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The butterfly-shaped pacifier that keeps the nose free.

Difrax has two types of pacifiers in five different sizes. The reason why there is always a pacifier that suits the sucking needs of your child.

✓ The butterfly-shaped collar keeps the nose clear
✓ Flavour, odour and allergy free
✓ Developed with speech therapists and dentists
✓ Optimal air supply, prevents skin irritation
✓ Grows with the suction need and age of your child
✓ Available in Natural and Dental

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Other baby products

You find all other must-haves that are useful when taking care of your child, here. What about a baby manicure set to keep the nails short, a cuddly toy offering comfort or a nose cleaner to keep the nose free.

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Maternity gifts and cuddly toys

A baby born in your immediate vicinity and you need to go on a maternity visit soon? Or having a baby shower soon? Great chance that you are looking for a nice gift!

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