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Cup with straw

Unique leak-proof system!

The Difrax non-spill straw cup is perfect for the period between the 360 degrees cup and the training cup. The drinking cup has a soft straw with a non-spill system. The straw won’t open until it is sucked. Without suction, the straw won’t let fluid pass through, which prevents spilling. The straw cup can be used from about 12 months onward.

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Advantages of the non-spill straw cup

  • Drinking without straining the neck.
  • Straw with unique non-spill system.
  • Completely demountable, so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Special brush available for hygienic cleaning.
  • Developed in collaboration with speech specialists and medical specialists.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal transition from 360 degrees cup to training cup.

Drinking out of a carton with a juice box holder

Similar to the straw cup, your child can start to learn how to drink from a carton from about 12 months onward. A sturdy juice box holder is a good way for your child to drink without making a mess. Your child won’t be able to squeeze the carton or juice box, so there will be less spilling. The Difrax juice box holders are ideal for at home and on the move.

  • Easily remove the carton via the opening in the bottom.
  • Special ridges for a firm grip.
  • Four feet for extra stability.
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