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The best-selling baby bottle

A little help kraamzorg met baby

The anti-colic S-bottle has been specially developed to prevent colic and is not the best-selling baby bottle in the Benelux for nothing. But how does maternity care judge our baby bottle nowadays?

In May 2022 Difrax conducted a major survey among maternity nurses to find out to what extent they recommend our S-bottle during their consultations and how they experience our baby bottle. Here are some of the interesting results:

  • Maternity nurses gave the S-bottle an average rating of 8.
  • 77% said they would recommend the S-bottle to maternity families.
  • The top 4 most frequently mentioned advantages of the Difrax S-bottle are its anti-colic system, ergonomic shape for baby and carer, vacuum-free feeding and easy cleaning.
To the baby bottles

A good score and great results. Curious what else makes our S-bottle unique? Read our blog on why our S-bottle is the best anti-colic baby bottle.

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