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Goal 3. Health care for all

Globally, every year, six million children still die before the age of five. In the Netherlands, 10% of the approximately 170,000 babies born each year have a bad start, too. Premature birth is the biggest cause, but three babies a day also die before, during or shortly after birth because of congenital defects or a birth weight that is too low.

Difrax supports Oxfam Novib's Ondernemers voor Ondernemers (Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) program. This program grants women microcredit so they have sufficient means to take good care of their children. More information on

Difrax also supports the Guusje Nederhorst Fund, to further help children and animals who desperately need our support. More information on

Finally, we pay careful attention to the welfare of our factory workers. That is why we regularly check our factories for a safe and healthy working environment. This includes good and clean sanitary facilities, but also first aid training and the presence of clear working instructions for the machines.

  • More than three quarters of our factories have a health committee that regularly monitors workers and the working environment.
  • As an additional working condition, a quarter of our factories offer workshops and training to better educate workers.