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Goal 8. Economic growth, employment and decent work for all

In a global market, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Now more than ever, companies need to increase the transparency of their production process and improve their supply chains where possible.

Amfori BSCI has formulated a code of conduct with 11 principles, ranging from equal pay to no child labor. These principles help to promote sustainable trade within a company. The amfori BSCI platform supports manufacturers with up-to-date webinars, live workshops and training in their home countries. Also, in 2019-2020, amfori BSCI worked on a publication about living wages, responsible sourcing and human rights.

Difrax constantly tries to innovate and stay up to date in this fast-changing world. We share our knowledge by providing training workshops for maternity nurses, and we use feedback from healthcare professionals to improve our products.

We also try to motivate scholars and students by offering them internships in various departments within our organization. We learn from their innovative and refreshing view of the world, and our interns gain a solid foundation for their future careers. A true win-win situation! Finally, Difrax also supports students in Ecuador financially, enabling them to complete their studies in five years.