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Dynamic, Natural or Dental?

The shield of the Dynamic, Natural and Dental pacifier is specially designed to keep the nose clear. The shape of the sucking section of the Dynamic and Natural pacifier is oval (symmetrical), which ensures high acceptance. Both pacifiers are suitable for children who like to rotate the teat in their mouth. The teat is turned over exactly the same.


The sucking section of the Dynamic pacifier consists of several silicone layers of different thickness. Thanks to these layers, the top of the sucking section moves with your baby’s sucking movement. The teat stretches during a sucking movement and then shrinks back to its basic position. This protects the natural sucking reflex. This is an important advantage, especially for breastfed babies. The Dynamic pacifier has a number of silicone balls on the inside to further imitate the mother’s nipple.

The sucking section of the Natural pacifier has a flat base, while the end of the silicone sucking section is round and oval. We call this symmetrical. This makes the teat easy to accept, especially for children who drink from the breast. In comparison to the Dynamic pacifier the sucking section of the Natural pacifier is made of one layer of durable silicone and is therefore less flexible when your baby sucks on the pacifier. The sucking section moves less during the sucking movement and ensures a stable tongue movement. The sucking section is completely smooth.


The sucking section of the Difrax Dental pacifier also has a flat base, while the end has a flat side that gives the tongue more grip during sucking. The Dental pacifier stimulates the development of the palate and of the tongue and jaw muscles. The convex part touches the palate and the flat part presses against the tongue. This is great for children who need this or when the Natural or Dynamic pacifier is not accepted.

Every child has their own pacifier preference and all types are equally responsible. Depending on your child’s preference, you can choose the Dynamic, Natural or Dental pacifier. Don’t know what your child’s preference is? Then we recommend first choosing the Natural or Dynamic variant.