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You maybe already know or you already spotted them and thought... this looks like a Difrax S-bottle or pacifier. That could be right!

Difrax also develops S-bottles and pacifiers for major corporate brands. The products for these brands are not available in the Difrax web shop.


Difrax x Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

International fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has developed a beautiful gift set for newborn babies. The set consists of our own design Difrax pacifiers (0-6 months) and a pacifier cord in the signature red-white-blue colours. Complete your child’s outfit in style.

Only available in Tommy Hilfiger stores, or via their webshop.

Difrax x Efteling


Enchanting moments at the Efteling, who hasn’t been there! Working with the Efteling, Difrax has developed a pacifier with the well-known Jokie and Jet from the Carnival Festival attraction. This festive pacifier is available from 20+ months. This means your child can carry the magic of the Efteling with him/her everywhere.

Only available in the Efteling store.

Difrax x Hema


The trusted anti-colic S-bottle, the best bottle against intestinal colic, is available at Hema in two different colours: pink and green. As an extension of the bottle, matching Difrax bottle teats in sizes M and L are also included in the Hema range.

Difrax x Ajax


Difrax previously developed a special pacifier collection with the famous Miffy icon on it for Zeeman. After a successful launch, we continued the collaboration and developed a new pacifier collection, inspired by the colours of the Zeeman baby line.

Difrax x Zeeman


In het verleden heeft Difrax voor de Zeeman een speciale fopspeencollectie ontwikkeld met het beroemde Nijntje icoon erop. Na de lancering van dit succes, hebben wij de samenwerking voortgezet en een nieuwe fopspeencollectie ontwikkeld, geïnspireerd op de kleuren van de Zeeman babylijn.