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From about 12 months, your child can start to learn how to drink from an open cup. This will take some getting used to as it is completely different to drinking from a baby bottle, spout cup or straw cup.

Child with Difrax training cup

Learning to drink with the training cup

That’s why Difrax has developed a training cup. Using the training cup is a great way to prepare for the switch to a regular cup. The training cup has an opening by the nose, which enables your child to look into the cup to make drinking easier. The training cup encourages the correct drinking position because the head stays straight instead of leaning backward. This also makes swallowing easier. The training cup was developed in collaboration with speech therapists and can be used from about 12 months onward. 

Tip: Start practicing early. The sooner your child learns to drink on its own, the better. And remember: practice makes perfect. 

To the Difrax training cup

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Drinking out of a carton with a juice box holder

Similar to the straw cup, your child can start to learn how to drink from a carton from about 12 months onward. A sturdy juice box holder is a good way for your child to drink without making a mess. Your child won’t be able to squeeze the carton or juice box, so there will be less spilling. 

  • The Difrax juice box holders are ideal for at home and on the move 
  • Easily remove the carton via the opening in the bottom
  • Special ridges for a firm grip
  • Four feet for extra stability

To the juice box holders

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