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Non spill Sippy cup - Soft spout

Baby op schouder vader

Goodbye, mess!

At a certain point, your child will want to do everything on its own. Learning how to drink independently is one of these things. Because your child isn’t used to this yet, it’s bound to get a bit messy. The Difrax spout cups and straw cups have a unique non-spill system. Even if your child holds the cup upside down, the drink will stay inside of the cup. Goodbye, mess!

The non-spill drinking cup with a soft spout is the ideal cup to start with. The soft silicone drinking spout is quite similar to the teat of a baby bottle. This helps create an easy transition. The spout cup with a soft spout can be used from about six months onward.

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meisje drinkt uit difrax tuitbeker roze

Advantages of non-spill spout cups

  • Ergonomic: thanks to the cone-shaped interior, fluid can flow toward the spout, even in a horizontal position.

conical shape

  • Non-spill system with two drinking positions. Choose 'slow' for thin drinks and slow drinking, or 'fast' for thick drinks and fast drinking. Click here for more information on the two positions.

  • Completely demountable, so bacteria doesn’t stand a chance.
  • Developed in collaboration with speech specialists and medical specialists.
  • Detachable handles.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Ideal transition from bottle to cup.