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Helping parents parent since 1967

We will tell you a little secret. 

No-one knows what they’re doing when the baby arrives. There is no secret recipe, no handbook (even though there are thousands) and no magic formula. Just like every baby is unique, so will be your approach to parenting be. You’ll figure it out and we’ll be here every step of the way. To offer a little help. Because when it comes to parenthood a little goes a long way.

A little help

The assortment

In our assortment you will find innovative baby products, such as baby bottles, pacifiers, teething toys and products for the care of your child. Our products offer you A little help, so that you can continue to enjoy your little miracle. 

Tasteless, odorless and allergy-free pacifier

Opinions. The only one that matters is his

Like all babies, your baby has a strong suckling need during their first five months. This is a natural process designed to stimulate the mother’s milk production. Pacifiers fulfill this natural suckling need. In addition, a pacifier offers comfort and peace and makes your baby feel safe and secure, even when you’re not there.

Pacifiers Dental & NaturalThe advantages of Difrax pacifiers

✓ The butterfly shape of the shield leaves enough room for the nose.
✓ Tasteless, odorless and allergy-free.
✓ Developed with speech therapists and dentists.
✓ Optimal air supply, preventing skin irritation.
✓ Grows along with your child’s suckling needs and age.
✓ Available in Natural and Dental.

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The best anti-colic baby bottle for preventing stomach cramps

Let's parent!

The anti-colic S-bottle has a patented anti-colic system in the bottom to prevent intestinal cramps, burping and throwing up. The anti-colic valve and the unique S-shape prevent the mixing of air and milk, which reduces the risk of colic and preserves essential nutrients, including vitamins A, C and E. The valve system ensures a constant flow of air from the bottom of the S-bottle, without creating a vacuum. This allows your baby to drink comfortably without having to pause to burp or let air into the S-bottle. 

The advantages of the anti-colic baby bottle

Anti-colic: 100% milk, 0% air.
✓ Vacuum-free feeding.
✓ Preservation of nutrients and vitamins.
✓ Soft-coated bottle teat for extra grip.
✓ Suitable for any feeding position.
✓ Most hygienic baby bottle, without unhygienic straw.
✓ Ergonomic S-shape.
✓ Also available with durable glass bottles.

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Drinking cups, teethers and baby care

A little help

Besides bottles and pacifiers, Difrax also has various products for the care of your child. Discover our wide range on

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