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Make sure the device and the head are properly assembled before use. Lay your child on its back or try to hold its head during use. Do not insert the tip too deeply into the nostrils. Choose one of three different suction strengths by pressing the mode button. Check the suction power on the mode indicator: low - 1 light, medium - 2 lights, high - 3 lights. Adjust the suction power if necessary.


After use, clean all loose parts of the head in warm water with a mild detergent (e.g. Difrax dishwashing detergent for baby products) and rinse thoroughly after each use. Or clean the nasal cleaner with the tube and tip in water, this proceeds automatically. Use the included cleaning brush for better results. The nose cleaner itself is not waterproof. Never immerse the base in liquid but clean it with a cloth.


Always read the leaflet before use. Never use on ears, mouth or eyes. Switch the device off if any abnormality occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store near sources of heat and do not expose to extreme temperatures, high humidity or dust.


Check the nasal cleaner and its accessories regularly.