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Article: From wow effect to workload reduction: 3 news items focusing on Difrax's most colourful drinking cup collection

Van wow-effect tot werkdrukvermindering: 3 nieuwtjes rond Difrax kleurrijkste drinkbekercollectie

From wow effect to workload reduction: 3 news items focusing on Difrax's most colourful drinking cup collection

What do you always find in the baby bag of a hipster mum or dad? A beige changing mat, hydrophilic cloths with leopard print and... a Difrax drinking cup.

For more than 55 years, Difrax has been the Dutch brand that combines ergonomics with style. The Difrax drinking cups grow with the needs of every child, and the style of every parent.

The colours sage and raspberry have been added to our collection of Cups with straw.  With the Cups with straw, Sippy cups and 360 cups, we now have the most colourful and most extensive collection of successive drinking cups in the entire Dutch market.

To celebrate this, we share three novelties with you:

Difrax drinking cups literally help with parenting
Great tip for all mums and dads working on their baby's oral motor skills: Difrax cups will help you immensely. It's in the news again now: drinking is not an innate skill. Drinking has to be learned. And it requires help.

The Sippy cup, 360-degree cup, Cup with straw and Training cup are designed to help children progress through each motor phase. Difrax teaches your child to drink, so that you as a parent have to make little effort. Parents choose Difrax because the right drinking cup simply makes parenting easier.

Wow: Test mums give the Difrax Non-spill sippy cup a 7.8
Difrax doesn't just go for attractive, it also goes for sound, according to independent parents. The independent testing agency WIJ tested the Difrax Non-spill sippy cups. What emerges: Parents give this cup a clear 7.8, with outliers to a 10. Every parent agrees that their child keeps their head in the correct drinking position when drinking from the Difrax Sippy Cup. Mission accomplished.

Every little bit helps: Difrax reduces workload in nurseries
Imagine this: 25 nurseries across the country are given Difrax cups to try out. What do you think happened? "We were not surprised, but honoured: every nursery that we sent Difrax cups to continues to use one or more cups daily. The reason? Children drink better, more independently or without spilling, than with competitors' existing cups. This also saves time. As you can see: every little helps in the workload at nurseries.