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Article: The combined power of gemstones and Difrax: our new Natural pacifier line colours

De kracht van edelstenen en de kracht van Difrax gecombineerd: onze nieuwe kleuren van de Natural-fopspeenlijn

The combined power of gemstones and Difrax: our new Natural pacifier line colours

Nothing is as beautiful and mystical as a gemstone. For centuries all around the world, gemstones have been part of many different rituals – including birth rituals. We were inspired by the power of eight gemstones while developing our new Difrax pacifiers for our Natural line.

This is how we decided to introduce the Blue Topaz coloured pacifier. Topaz is a beautiful stone that comes in many different colours, mostly blue. The stone stands for wisdom and strength – something you give your child and can use as a mother.

Our Rose Quartz coloured pacifier stands for love; and you can see its beautiful pink colour. The Green Jade pacifier refers to the harmony and welfare that has been attributed to the stone for thousands of years, especially in China. And our Pink Opal is inspired by the playful Opal stone, which stands for creativity.

Combined Powers: Gems and Difrax
We combine the mythical power of topaz, emerald, rose quartz, moonstone, jade, agate, opal and amethyst with the inventive and scientific power of Difrax.

Because no matter how beautiful a pacifier is; it must be suitable for your child. Our pacifiers have therefore been developed with dentists and speech therapists. What makes Difrax pacifiers unique is that the size of the shield and the sucking part grow with the age of the child. This is logical because the baby’s mouth also changes.

Difrax: proven to be the most natural experience
Did you know there are pacifier brands that opt for natural rubber because it sounds nice to use a natural product? Unfortunately, there is very little natural product left when using natural rubber. Dyes, sulphur and plasticisers are always added to the natural rubber.

Difrax therefore chooses to offer a truly natural feeling for children by making use of ergonomic pacifiers made from durable silicone. They are virtually indestructible, as well as being tasteless and odourless. And they contain no chemicals. For example, they look much more like a mother’s nipple than pacifiers made from natural rubber.

Mothers think Difrax pacifiers are rock solid: a score of 8.3
The natural strength of a Difrax pacifier has been confirmed by mothers of the smallest children. A test panel of mothers with babies between 0 and 4 months old gave our Natural pacifier an average score of 8.3. They think the Difrax pacifier is the softest pacifier for their baby’s sensitive skin. And they think Difrax is the best pacifier out of 5 major pacifier brands. All in all, they think Difrax is rock solid. And we are quite proud of that.