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Article: Mammafeel bottle - so close to mum’s breast

Mammafeel fles - voelt zoals de moederborst

Mammafeel bottle - so close to mum’s breast

Right after birth, skin-to-skin contact is one of the most important and intimate moments for a newborn baby. Feeling the parent’s breathing and heartbeat provides a familiar environment. This need for contact and security brings many benefits. It fosters emotional bonding, which is crucial for the child’s mental development. Skin-to-skin contact increases levels of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for relaxation and a sense of security.

By making contact as a parent, the child also develops senses such as touch and smell. For many parents, feeding their baby is a moment of calm and intimate contact. The time to builda strong bond. Parents who bottle-feed want to give their baby the same amount of tenderness and security as they do with breastfeeding. For this reason, Difrax LOVI has developed a special bottle that resembles the mother’s breast in shape, texture and dynamics.

Unique design in the bottle segment

During the development of the Mammafeel bottle, the structure of mum’s breast was mimicked. Bottle feeding offers baby a familiar experience, but with the Mammafeel bottle, we go one step further. Tenderness and softness have been incorporated into the design. This makes the bottle feel like a mother’s breast: the softness of the skin, the familiar shape, dynamism and elasticity. The dynamic bottle teat is specially designed to imitate the natural process of sucking on the breast as closely as possible without interfering with the sucking reflex.

The breast-shaped teat with skin-soft ring imitates the areola. The delicate and extra-soft texture with a matte finish feels like mummy’s skin. Thanks to the wide, sturdy base, baby opens the mouth at the right angle. This promotes nasal breathing and reduces the risk of intestinal cramps.

Why Mammafeel?

The Mammafeel bottle is not just a baby product, it is a symbol of deep connection that reflects the unique bond between parent and child. It is an expression of care and love that takes the importance of bottle feeding to the next level. Thanks to Mammafeel, security always remains a priority and the bond between parent and child is strengthened at every stage of baby’s development. The Mammafeel bottle is ideal for parents who alternate breastfeeding and want to share special feeding moments with family and friends.

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