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Article: Design that brings peace: the new Difrax Bottle Warmer

Difrax flessenwarmer persbericht

Design that brings peace: the new Difrax Bottle Warmer

Drying baby bottles, wet wipes everywhere and the microwave in the middle of the kitchen counter: as a young parent, your stylish kitchen quickly turns into a baby feeding station. The new Difrax Bottle Warmer brings a sense of calm and peace to your designer kitchens.

Convenience for every kitchen

Place the bottle in the reservoir, wait 2 minutes, pat dry and feed: it's that simple. Whether the parent wants to defrost breast milk, bring jars to the correct temperature or warm up infant formula: the Difrax Bottle Warmer always gets the food to the perfect temperature.

The bottle mode keeps the food warm. This means the parent can immediately give the child a bottle when it is hungry. And the bottle warmer can simply be left on the counter between feeds as its sleek design fits perfectly into any interior. The parent can focus on the child - Difrax does the rest.

Why choose the Difrax Bottle Warmer?

Parents want their child to be fed quickly and well, especially when the child is hungry. And it's important that this is done in the safest way possible. When food is heated in the microwave, there is an increased risk of hot spots. To prevent these hot spots, the parent should always stir and taste the food thoroughly. With the Difrax Bottle Warmer, parents can be sure that the food is heated evenly.

An 80 millilitre bottle is brought to the perfect temperature within 2 minutes. That is faster than other bottle warmers on the market.

Better on the eye, better for your baby

The Difrax Bottle Warmer has 4 handy functions: heating, defrosting, maintaining temperature and the ultra-hygienic steam function. The steam function prevents bacteria from accumulating in bottles and jars. In short, the Difrax Bottle Warmer is the best and safest choice for parents.