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Article: 360 degrees cup

360 graden beker - Difrax

360 degrees cup

What is a 360 degrees cup?

A 360 degrees cup is a cup that, as the name suggests, can be used in a 360-degree arc. So it doesn't matter where your child drinks from the rim. A good 360 degrees cup only lets drink through when the child starts sucking. Drinking from the rim of a cup therefore supports normal muscle development in children's mouths and ensures that your child does not strain his or her neck. The cup is a good intermediate step before the child learns to drink from an open drinking cup.

Why the Difrax 360 degrees cup?

  • The cup, like all Difrax cups, has an iconic shape. This means that the cup runs from narrow to wide on the inside. This means the liquid always flows to the brim and the child doesn't have to hold its head back while drinking. Drinking without strain on the neck!
  • Helps children in the transition to an open training cup.
  • Also suitable for older children.
  • A lid to protect against dirt when the cup is not in use, convenient for travelling.
  • Can be completely dismantled for optimal cleaning.
  • Suitable for the dishwasher.
  • 9+ months, without handles. The slim ergonomic shape makes it easy for little hands to hold.

Tip! If you used the Difrax sippy cup before, the handle of the sippy cup can also be used on the 360-degree cup. This makes it easier for children under the age of 9 months to hold the cup.

What cups are there?

The most common cups are:

Difrax is happy to help you and your child on their way with a wide range of training cups. Our cups are specially designed for young children and were developed in cooperation with specialists/speech therapists.

It is impossible to say beforehand which cup will suit your child best. We give an age indication for the cups. An indication is not a strict guideline, it just means that at that age your child may be ready.