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Article: Difrax bottle warmer: indispensable for every baby’s distribution list

Difrax flessenwarmer: onmisbaar op elke baby uitzetlijst

Difrax bottle warmer: indispensable for every baby’s distribution list

Did you know that body temperature is the perfect temperature for baby food? Preparing food can be done in many different ways, but some are quicker and easier. Heating food in a microwave can create hotspots while heating in a pan of water can take too much time. Both options are not really ideal for parents. The Difrax Bottle Warmer prepares your baby’s food quickly and safely. The bottle warmer is indispensable for parents, the most important points are listed below.

Speed & ease of use

The Difrax Bottle warmer ensures your baby bottle is ready within 3-5 minutes. The food is at the right temperature immediately, which means you can start feeding right away. The water can be kept warm in the bottle warmer for up to 10 hours. When your baby calls for food in the middle of the night, the time it takes to warm up the food can feel like hours. The bottle warmer ensures you never have to rush to prepare the bottle at night because the water will be at the ideal temperature already.

It is also possible to use the bottle warmer to keep a jar of food warm for a longer period of time. This is handy if your child does not eat all his/her food in one sitting.

The (steam) cleaning function makes the Difrax Bottle Warmer multifunctional. Baby bottles and other accessories can be thoroughly cleaned before and after feeding using steam. It is important to keep the bottles clean to prevent bacteria from accumulating in them. The Difrax Bottle Warmer has a 4-in-1 function: quick heating, maintaining temperature, defrosting and (steam) cleaning.

Important nutrients are retained

Heating food in the microwave causes hotspots. These are places in the food that have become too warm. When this happens, important vitamins and nutrients can be lost. The Difrax Bottle Warmer prevents hotspots and ensures even heating. This means all the nutrients will be retained and your baby can enjoy optimal quality. 

The choice of 3 preparation modes

Is your baby a new-born, or even a few months old already? It is a good idea to understand that each age requires different food preparations. In the beginning, warm the food in baby bottles and/or breast milk storage bags, and when your child is a little older, he/she will start eating more and more solid food via feeding jars. The Difrax Bottle Warmer gives you three different types of preparation method to choose from. This is handy for all parents, giving them a choice.

Difrax flessenwarmer verschillende standen

  • Hot mode: In hot mode, the baby bottle reaches feeding temperature within 3-5 minutes. This mode can also be used for (steam) cleaning baby bottles and parts to ensure hygiene.
  • Bottle mode: holds the water or milk at the selected temperature for up to 10 hours. This mode can also be used for defrosting food.
  • Dinner mode: In this mode, the food remains at the selected temperature for up to 3 hours.
    Would you like to know more about how the bottle warmer works? Watch the video below.

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