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Article: Dynamic pacifier tested by parents

Dynamische fopspeen getest door ouders

Dynamic pacifier tested by parents

There are many reasons parents choose a pacifier: it offers comfort to your child, helps him/her sleep, meets the natural need to suck, and provides a feeling of security. This is why it’s really important to have a good pacifier at home. The new Dynamic pacifier has been developed specially to protect your baby’s natural sucking reflex. The sucking part of the pacifier is made up of several silicone layers and moves with your child’s sucking rhythm. The Dynamic pacifiers were tested by 25 parents over a four week period in December 2023, and the average rating was 8. This is a result we can be extremely proud of.

Fast acceptance

The majority of parents from the test panel agree that the Dynamic pacifier was quickly accepted by their child. Their child easily switched to this pacifier after just a few attempts. Children feel comfortable and less restless with the Dynamic pacifier. The pacifier meets the natural need for sucking thanks to the dynamic sucking part. It was also noted that the gentle sucking experience eases the transition to the Dynamic Pacifier.

The quality of the pacifier

The Dynamic pacifiers were experienced as safe and sturdy, even though they feel soft and stretchy. The test parents found the shield to be sturdy and safe. The ring attached to the shield made it easy to fit a pacifier cord. No pacifiers were damaged used during the test period, even with children who were already teething. The best time to stop use of a pacifier is when your baby begins teething. Are you planning to stop using the pacifier soon? Difrax can help you and your child with this process Stop using a pacifier book.

No irritation and the right fit

The air holes in the shield prevent the vulnerable (baby) skin from irritation. The test panel shows that the shield keeps the nose free. Some test parents stated that the pacifier shield seems a bit large compared to their child’s face. For your information, the Dynamic pacifier is available for different ages, and the size of the shield is adapted to the age of your child. For example, the smallest pacifier, the Newborn, is slightly smaller than the 0-3 month pacifier. Parents stated that they would like to see more options in terms of colours and prints. The Dynamic pacifier range will definitely expand. The latest developments will be visible first on our socials.

Convenient storage box.

Parents are positive about cleaning and hygienically storing the pacifier with the supplied storage box. This box gave them a place to hygienically store the pacifier in their bag when on the go.

Other statements that parents completely agree with:

  • My child quickly recognises the pacifier and accepts it more easily because the Dynamic pacifier is symmetrical.
  • I would replace my child’s current pacifier with the Dynamic pacifier.
  • I would recommend the Dynamic pacifier to family, friends and/or acquaintances.
  • I will continue to use the Dynamic pacifiers after this test.

What do parents say about the Dynamic pacifier?

Leonie: “Beautiful pacifiers, lightweight and great for small children. Having two in the packaging is also nice. One for the day and one for the night-time, with a Glow in the Dark ring that does not provide dominant light. I would like other colours myself. Thank you for letting me try this fantastic product! Highly recommended. Great quality and price.”

Faten: “My daughter has 6 pacifiers, and the change is clear since she started using Difrax: she has completely forgotten about her other pacifiers.”

Mom: “The sucking part of the teat is very soft. I don’t know if this is a good thing when teething. But it's very nice in my baby’s mouth. Our child only accepted one brand of pacifier, but he now accepts the Difrax LOVI pacifier as well.”

Proud Mom: “Actually, I can't think of a way to improve them. I hope the Harmony collection will also be available in Glow in the Dark!”

Hunane: “I like the design, and the pacifier always stays clean thanks to the storage box.”

Bencherif: “The colours and appearance make the pacifier even more attractive!”

We would like to extend a warm thank you to our test parents for their enthusiasm and sharing their experiences during the test period.

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