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Article: Electric nose cleaner: first aid for a stuffy nose!

Elektrische neusjesreiniger: eerste hulp bij een verstopte neus!
Baby ailments

Electric nose cleaner: first aid for a stuffy nose!

Nothing is more annoying than a stuffy nose. Especially for a little one. You can see your child having difficulty breathing and sleeping, while a blocked nose can also make drinking difficult. Young children cannot blow their nose by themselves, so as a parent you are desperately needed. It is important to clean your child’s nose regularly. An electric nose cleaner is an ideal tool to help your child breathe freely again.

Regular or electric nose cleaner, what’s the difference?

A regular nose cleaner works “manually” and has no batteries. When using, first moisten the suction part. Then squeeze the rubber ball and insert the nozzle into the nostril. Then release the squeezed rubber ball to suck up the mucus into the ball.

An electric nose cleaner simplifies and speeds up the operation. Unlike regular nose cleaners, an electric nose cleaner often has interchangeable silicone tips and different suction levels to remove mucus from the nose.

Why choose an electric nose cleaner?

The electric nose cleaner from Difrax effectively and safely relieves your child’s stuffy nose. The device works quickly and easily and can be used immediately from birth. Moreover, you can easily adjust the device to the age and type of mucus bothering your little one. This will ensure your child can breathe freely again. The narrow tip is specially designed for small children or loose, liquid mucus, while the wide tip can be used for larger children or stubborn, thick mucus. Both tips are made of extra soft silicone and do not irritate the delicate nasal mucosa.

Did you know that a full battery of the electric nose cleaner lasts up to 50 cycles (x 2 minutes)? Enough time to clear a lot of stuffy noses without recharging the nose cleaner.

Easy to clean

After use, the electric nose cleaner is easy to clean, either manually and/or automatically. For manual cleaning, disassemble all the loose parts. The head pieces can be cleaned with a mild cleaner, for example Difrax dishwashing liquid, while all the silicone parts can be boiled. In addition, the nose cleaner can be cleaned automatically with the supplied tube. Attach the tube to the bottom of the nose cleaner and dip the top part in a bowl of clean water. Child can do the washing.

Note: Clean the electric nose cleaner after each use to ensure maximum hygiene and prevent re-contamination. The nose cleaner itself is not water tight. Never immerse the base containing the batteries in liquid, but always use a cloth for cleaning.

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