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Article: Independent drinking with the Difrax easy grip baby bottle

Zelf drinken met de Difrax Handgreep babyfles

Independent drinking with the Difrax easy grip baby bottle

Babies are naturally born with a grasping reflex; everything that comes into the little hand is held firmly. When you give a bottle, you may already notice that your child is trying to hold it. When your child is about 6 months old, it will start to consciously grab things.

By the time babies can sit up, they are making big steps. This is ideal time to introduce the Difrax easy grip baby bottle.

The easy grip bottle is specially designed for small hands. The recess in the middle of the bottle is just large enough to be able to hold the bottle yourself. Regularly bringing the bottle to the mouth is good for developing motor skills and encourages hand-mouth coordination. Like the Difrax S-bottle, the easy grip bottle features the unique anti-colic valve. This special valve prevents vacuum suction and reduces the risk of burping, reflux and colic.

All Natural Difrax bottle teats fit on the easy grip bottles. The bottle teats have:

  • A soft finish, the soft coating
  • Extra grip, the soft coating provides extra grip during drinking

Depending on your child's drinking technique and needs, you can choose to use a size Small, Medium or Large teat. Which bottle teat size is most suitable can be a search. Difrax makes it easier for you and has listed a number of important factors for you; read: What size bottle teat should I use?

Advantages of the Difrax easy grip baby bottle

  • Easy for children to hold themselves
  • The anti-colic valve reduces colic, burping and excessive reflux
  • Stimulates the development of your child's motor skills
  • The removable base makes the easy grip bottle easy to clean
  • The easy grip bottle was developed by a medical team

The Difrax easy grip baby bottle has a capacity of 240 ml and is available in various trendy colours.

Tip: Are you feeding artificial milk in the bottle? Then add the milk powder through the back of the bottle. This way no milk powder gets stuck in the narrower parts of the bottle during mixing.

A cup or bottle that suits your baby!

Is the easy grip bottle still proving a little tricky? Or do you notice that your child wants to hold the S-baby bottle himself? Then use the loose hand grips. Difrax has special loose handles that you can use on the narrow neck bottles (Natural) and the wide neck bottles (Wide).

Does your baby like to drink porridge from a bottle? Then the Difrax Porridge Bottle is ideal for giving coarse cereal porridge. Coarse cereal porridge can be given from 9 months onwards. Is your child ready for a training cup? Difrax has different types of cups that are perfect for your child's learning curve.




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