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Article: How to clean a baby bottle

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Baby Bottle

How to clean a baby bottle

Cleaning your baby bottles is important for good hygiene for your baby. This blog describes how you get started by offering a simple guide.

Did you know: 23% of our Instagram followers do not clean the bottle immediately after feeding?


Step 1: Cold pre-rinse

Clean all your child’s products after every use. Start off by rinsing in cold water. Note: do not use hot water because proteins coagulate at 40⁰C.

Step 2: Clean

Washing baby bottles and bottle teats in a dishwasher or by hand is sufficient. When cleaning the bottle by hand, we recommend using a mild detergent specially made for baby items (for example our own Difrax dishwashing liquid). Baby bottles and loose parts can also be cleaned with the bottle warmer. Steam cleaning is possible in hot mode.


Step 3: Sterilise

After cleaning, proceed with sterilisation if necessary. You can sterilise all pacifiers, S-bottles and bottle teats. You can also choose to sterilise the teats by themselves in, for example, the steriliser egg.


Step 4: Prepare for use

Store the bottles and teats in a dust-free environment such as a closed kitchen cupboard.

Tip: Make sure the hole in the valve is open before storing.
See how to check the valve below:

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