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Article: Tips for reducing the pain of incoming teeth

Tips voor het verminderen van pijn bij doorkomende tandjes. - Difrax
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Tips for reducing the pain of incoming teeth

Teething can be very painful for your child. When teething, many children suffer from a sore mouth, diaper rash and sometimes also a fever. 

Fortunately, the pain and discomfort will disappear as soon as the tooth has come through, but until then, your child can suffer quite a lot! The following six tips will help to alleviate the pain of your baby's incoming teeth.

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Tips for reducing the pain of incoming teeth:

  1. Use your finger to gently massage the gum when you see a tooth coming through. This will reduce the pressure on the gum.

  2. Let your child chew on something to soothe the pain, preferably a cooled teething ring

  3. Give your child something cool to drink. Warm drinks will only make the teething pain worse. 

  4. Pharmacies and chemists sell several drops that alleviate teething pain. 

  5. Thumb sucking or sucking a pacifier can relieve the pain of incoming teeth.

  6. Start brushing the teeth as soon as they’ve come through.