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Neusjesreiniger - DifraxNeusjesreiniger - Difrax
Nasal aspirator Sale price €5,99
Bijtjuweel - Bijtring - DifraxBijtjuweel - Bijtring - Difrax
Crown teething ring Sale price €11,99
Baby borstel en kam set - DifraxBaby borstel en kam set - Difrax
Baby brush and comb set Sale price €7,99
Combi Koel bijtring - DifraxCombi Koel bijtring - Difrax
Combi Teether - Cooled Sale price €8,99
Bijtring 3 in 1 - DifraxBijtring 3 in 1 - Difrax
Teething ring 3-in-1 Sale price €5,99
Siliconen vingertop tandenborstel - DifraxSiliconen vingertop tandenborstel - Difrax
Baby fingertip toothbrush Sale price €4,99
Elephant Elliot - Flat plush cuddly toy - SoftOlifant Elliot - Platte knuffel - Soft - Difrax
Monkey Mario -Flat plush cuddly toy - SoftAap Mario - Platte knuffel - Soft - Difrax
Fopmuis - DifraxFopmuis - Difrax
Pacifier mouse Sale price €4,99
Knuffeldoek - Soft - DifraxKnuffeldoek - Soft - Difrax
Baby comforter - Soft Sale price €11,49
(NL) Baby spreekuur boek - Difrax
(NL) Baby spreekuur boek Sale price €10,00
(NL) Hap slik weg boek - Zachte cover - Difrax(NL) Hap slik weg boek - Zachte cover - Difrax
(NL) Stoppen met foppen boek - Difrax(NL) Stoppen met foppen boek - Difrax
(NL) Stoppen met foppen boek Sale price €19,95
(NL) Hap slik weg boek - Harde cover - Difrax(NL) Hap slik weg boek - Harde cover - Difrax
(EN) The eat well dinner book - Difrax(EN) The eat well dinner book - Difrax
(EN) The eat well dinner book Sale price €19,95
(NL) Het schone smoelen boek - Difrax(NL) Het schone smoelen boek - Difrax
(NL) Het schone smoelen boek Sale price €15,00

Discover more baby products

At Difrax, you'll find a wide range of baby products designed to make the daily lives of parents and children easier. From feeding and caring for your baby to hygienically cleaning all baby products, our products are designed with safety and convenience in mind. We're here to offer you A Little Help with our products for caring for your little one and yourself.

Breastfeeding Accessories

Difrax offers a wide range of breastfeeding accessories, from bottles and teats to handy tools to make breastfeeding more comfortable. Our nursing pads prevent milk leaks, while nipple shields can help with sore nipples or other feeding difficulties. Easily store and transport expressed breast milk with our breast milk storage bags and containers, suitable for fridge and freezer storage. Difrax supports you at every step of the breastfeeding process.

Daily Baby Care

For your baby's daily care needs, Difrax has everything you need, from fingertip toothbrushes to brush and comb sets, to keep your baby clean and healthy. Our products are designed to support you and your little one, making life easier. For quick relief from a stuffy nose, the Difrax Electric Nasal Aspirator provides fast relief. With three suction levels, you can customise the cleaning to your child's needs and the severity of the cold.

Teething Rings and Soft Toys

When babies are teething, they need to chew to relieve pressure on their gums. Difrax offers (chilled) teething rings and teething jewellry specially designed to ease this discomfort. Looking for a unique cuddly toy for your baby or as a sweet baby shower gift? Discover our soft and adorable cuddly toys, like elephant Elliot and monkey Mario, favourites of many children for years.

Sterilising and Cleaning

Hygiene is crucial for your baby. Difrax offers convenient solutions for sterilising and cleaning baby products. Our microwave steriliser and sterilisation egg ensure that pacifiers, bottle teats, and baby bottles are thoroughly cleaned, killing all bacteria. For daily cleaning, we have hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested dish soap that effortlessly removes all milk and cereal residues.


The Difrax Bottle Warmer quickly and safely heats bottle feeds. With its special 4-in-1 function, you can quickly heat, maintain temperature, thaw, and clean after use. This universal bottle warmer is suitable for all Difrax bottles and most other bottles and jars, making it a versatile choice for any parent.

Educational Parenting Books

Our educational parenting books cover each topic step by step and in a playful manner. From bedtime stories and games to calendars and reward stickers, everything is designed to make parenting understandable and fun. Our parenting books have been developed in collaboration with medical specialists.