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360 degrees cup

Cheers with the new 360 degrees cup!

As well as the familiar sippy cup, cup with straw and training cup, Difrax has also developed a 360 degree cup with a team of speech therapists. This cup can be used in a 360-degree arc. So it doesn't matter where the child drinks from the rim.

The shape of the cup allows the drink to flow to the rim when you hold the cup horizontally. This ensures that your child does not have to bend his or her neck backwards. For use from 9 months, without handles. The slim ergonomic model makes the cup easy for little hands to hold.

View the spouted cup

Benefits of the 360 degree cup

  • Drinking from the rim of a cup supports normal muscle development in children's mouths.

  • The cup has an iconic cone shape. This means that the cup runs from narrow to wide on the inside. Because of this, the liquid always flows to the rim when the cup is horizontal.

  • Fully detachable for optimal cleaning.

  • Suitable for the dishwasher.

  • Helps in the transition to an open cup.

  • Also suitable for older children.

  • Includes a lid to protect against dirt when not in use. Ideal for transport!

Tip: If you used the Difrax sippy cup before, the handle of the sippy cup can also be used on the 360-degree cup. This makes it easier for children under the age of 9 months to hold the cup.