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Protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex

Protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex

Protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex

Because we love babiies

Difrax LOVI Dynamische fopspenen

Difrax LOVI has developed a special Dynamic pacifier collection that imitates the mother’s nipple. The sucking section of the pacifier is dynamic and constructed from multiple silicone layers of different thickness.

Thanks to these layers, the top of the sucking section moves with your baby’s natural sucking rhythm.

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Protects your baby’s natural sucking reflex

Symmetrical shape imitates the mother’s nipple for high acceptance.

Special shield

The Dynamic pacifier has a special shield to keep the nose free, allowing your baby to breathe freely.

Dynamic sucking section

New! Dynamic sucking section, constructed from several layers of soft silicone. Moves with your baby’s sucking rhythm.

Difrax LOVI

Because we love babies

Difrax LOVI protects what is most valuable to you as a parent: that your baby grows up with love.

✔ We protect your baby’s natural sucking reflex
✔ Our products are safe to use in combination with breastfeeding
✔ The best products for optimal, natural support

Discover the benefits of the Difrax LOVI pacifier:

Dynamic pacifier

  • The natural sucking reflex is not disturbed
  • Supports the natural development of the jaw and mouth muscles
  • Swallowing remains possible during use
  • Lightweight
  • BPA-free


Examination under medical supervision

A product use study was conducted under medical supervision among a group of 150 babies aged 0 to 18 months. Research confirms the unique characteristics of the Difrax LOVI Dynamic pacifier.

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